Cigar Review: Room 101 Big Delicious

Cigar Review: Room 101 Big Delicious

Room 101 “Big Delicious”-Smoke Inn Microblend Series

Size: Torpedo (6 1/4″ x 42/54)

Wrapper: Special High Grade Habano 2000

Binder: N/A

Filler: Brazilian, Honduran, Nicaraguan, Dominican

Strength: Medium-Full

Price:  $8.95

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Grade: 9.2

Well, we’re back after a little unplanned hiatus.  The last few weeks were quite an adventure as I had back to back sinus infections with enough of a break to enjoy the festivities known as The Great Smoke.  Abe and the crew of Smoke Inn throw one of the best annual cigar parties known to man.  This year was my fourth year attending and as always had a great time with both old friends and new as well as a day spend with the best and brightest of the cigar industry.  Every time I get to spend time with the people that make this industry tick I come away impressed with the depth of rich characters behind the cigars we all enjoy.

One of the highlights of the Great Smoke is the pre-event dinner.  This year the dinner was hosted by Matt Booth of Room 101 and it was also the pre-launching of the latest release of the Smoke Inn Microblend Series, The Room 101 “Big Delicious”.  Each attendee of the dinner received a five pack of the Big Delicious, which is scheduled for national release April 26, 2013.   This will be the sixth release of the Microblend Series.

The previous installments were:

  1. Tatuaje “Anarchy
  2. Padron SI-15
  3. My Father “El Hijo”
  4. Arture Fuente “Solaris
  5. Tatuaje “Apocalypse”

There has also been rumor of a Quesada Micro-Blend slated for future release.

In addition there is an ongoing comic strip being published here that is definitely good for a laugh.

But enough about that, let’s toast the foot!

Pre-Light:  (1.8)  The Big Delicious features a gorgeous Dark Colorado shade wrapper with a number of distinct veins uniformly box pressed in to the oversized torpedo.  There is a mild sheen and a light oiliness to the touch of the select grade Habano 2000 wrapper.  The band, which features the likeness of Big Delicious and Swanky White, is on some whole ‘nother world shit and could only work for these two legends of the cigar world.

The pre light scent off  the foot breathes spice and pepper to the senses. After a cut of the head of the torpedo the pre light draw offers up a nutty tobacco note along with hints of dried fruit (apricots & apples).

Burn: (1.8)   Burn is a bit uneven. The grey ash holds the first inch before chunking off.  The draw has just a little extra tension.  Smoke output is phenomenal and with a bready aroma to the resting smoke.  Ash is a little loose and flowery.

Flavor:  (2.8)   On first light the Big Delicious opens up with an array of peppers and nuts as the extra wrapper burns off and the filler joins in.  White, black, and red peppers in varying strengths along with a subtle hint of anise and some floral notes on the finish characterize the opening act of the Big Delicious flavor profile.   Not even an inch in and the smoke shifts characteristics.  A rich and creamy cedar jumps to the forefront.  Complex peppers carry through on the finish.  The smoke is a a solid full budy and medium strength through the first third.

Smoking into the second third and there is a spicy fruit element to the flavor profile beginning to emerge.  The Big Delicious has a slightly sweet undertone that  is well balanced with the complex array pepper notes carrying through on the finish.    The second third is a diverse flavor bomb with notes of apple, raisin, anise, and pepper dancing over a cedar core.  The strength of the cedar shifts on each puff creating a shifting profile which keeps the Big Delicious intriguing.  The retro hale, much like the smoke, is full of flavor.  Strength starts to pick up past the mid point.

Smoking into the final third the Big Delicious keeps on bringing the flavor.  The creamy cedar core shifts again and the fruity sweetness,, as well as another, almost tart fruit note takes the lead.  The Big Delicious continues to bring the pepper as well with the peppers increasing in depth and complexity through the last third.  The Big Delicious slowly works its way to full strength in the last third.

Overall: (2.8)  Frankly, I was a little concerned when I first heard of the Big Delicious.  While Matt Booth is a legend in the cigar industry, there isn’t an offering in the Room 101 line that I gravitate towards.  Probably because my palate tends to gravitate towards Nicaraguan cigars over Honduran tobacco based cigars.   That personal bia out of the way, the Big Delicious does not disappoint.  The Big Delicious delivers upon its namesake in spades.  The Cigar is big, and freaking delicious.  The flavors are unique and robust with a complex blend of fruity, woodsy, and peppery spice notes.  The Smoke Inn Microblend Series has another hit on the horizon with the Room 101 Big Delicious!

Total: 9.2


Editors Note:  The cigars for this review were provided by Smoke Inn Cigars, a site sponsor.