Cigar Review: Casa Magna Domus Magnus II Optimus

Cigar Review: Casa Magna Domus Magnus II Optimus

Casa Magna Domus Magnus II Optimus

Size: 5.75” x 52

Wrapper: Jalapa Sun Grown 2009 (Nicaragua)

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium-Full

Price: $8.45

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Grade: 8.8

One of last years more quiet success stories was Quesada’s release of the Domus Magnus, a limited release of 1000 boxes in three Vitolas.  This year the Domus Magnus returns, in a slightly tweaked blend, as the Domus Magnus II line.  The DMII is being offered in the Optimus and Primus sizes as regular production releases.

Following up on the success of the earlier Domus Magnus release, these two regular production sizes feature a different vintage of Jalapa Sun Grown wrapper, bringing a new dynamic to the line.

But enough about that, let’s toast the foot…..


Pre-light (1.8): The first aspect of this cigar that really struck me was the smoothness to the wrapper. This 2007 Jalapa Sun Grown wrapper is so soft to the touch that it took me by surprise. The smooth wrapper, along with a slight box press and tight pig tail cap, make for a very attractive cigar.

The scent off the foot offers up some noticeable pepper, along with hints of wood, cocoa, and a tinge of vanilla.

Burn (1.6): After making a very shallow cut, I was happy to find a comfortable draw.


The first half of the cigar met me with prominent plumes of smoke, but it did seem to burn a little quickly.  While the burn line remained mostly even, at times it there were times it got quite uneven.  This might have been caused by rapid burn rate.

By the time I hit the halfway mark, any burn issues I was having with the Optimus dissipated. In addition to the cigar calming down, the plumes of smoke associated with the first half settled a bit and provided for a tremendous smoking experience.

Flavor (2.7): The first third of the cigar opened up with a nice woodiness that was joined by pepper in the back of the draw.  The pepper scaled back roughly ¾” through and allowed me to really enjoy the complexity of the woodiness.   The complex flavors are subtle in their differences and really drew me into focusing on the flavors presented by the Domus Magnus II.

As I smoked into the second third of the Domus Magnus II, I am met with a creaminess that coated my palate.  I also noticed the cigar had also come down to a medium strength. Hints of caramel appear as the spice seems to fade away.  There is a great creamy texture to the smoke.

Smoking into the last third I begin to notice a bit of a return of the spice that was prevalent in the first third.  This spice is more subdued then it was in the beginning but definitely more present than through the heart of the smoke.

Despite the return of pepper on my tongue, I really can’t say that the cigar ever left the medium-bodied spectrum it entered halfway through the smoke. There was also what seemed like a bit of mesquite in the back of the draw.


Overall (2.7): The Domus Magnus II Optimus is not its predecessor, but that is by no means an insult as the Original Domus Magnus line was terrific.  I think the fact that Quesada followed up with the line and created a regular line off the blend is a testament to how good the original was.

The Domus Magnus II is an incredibly creamy smoke with a delicate and complex array of flavors.  It is a very good follow up to the line, and certainly suitable to smoke when you’re not looking for the heavy body of some of the more typical Nicaraguan cigars.

Total: 8.8




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