Cigar News: Press Release: The new Davidoff Nicaragua Puro cigar range is officially revealed at a New York pre-launch event

Cigar News: Press Release: The new Davidoff Nicaragua Puro cigar range is officially revealed at a New York pre-launch event

The new Davidoff Nicaragua Puro cigar range is officially revealed at a New York pre-launch event

Basel, June 2013. Davidoff Cigars has unveiled its first Nicaraguan cigar line, Davidoff Nicaragua, at a New York City pre-launch event on June 20, 2013.

“This is a major step for Davidoff to expand to a new territory,” explains Oettinger Davidoff Group CEO Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard. “Davidoff’s mission is to bring aficionados delightful experiences – regardless of territory.”

Exploration, adventure and discovery
Inspired by Zino Davidoff’s pioneering spirit, Davidoff Cigars has made it a mission to delight the cigar aficionado by bringing him a variety of taste experiences and cigar pleasures.

Davidoff masterblenders, led by Hendrik “Henke” Kelner, went on an exploration for a new type of blend that would stimulate both the bitter and sweet taste buds. The team embarked on an adventure searching for tobacco across the world’s renowned tobacco regions that would enable the creation of such a cigar. The relentless pursuit for the right blend paid off when they discovered that a blend crafted with the finest leaves from plants grown in the fiery volcanic soil of the Esteli, Condega, Jalapa and Ometepe regions of Nicaragua created just the right balance of sweet and bitter notes to tantalize the palate.

It took time, patience and perseverance to create the perfect conditions in which to craft these fine cigars. 10 years were needed for the preparation, curing and
ageing to tame the wilder tendencies of the Nicaraguan tobacco, and to deliver an exceptional blend with all the intensity, excitement and refined sophistication aficionados would expect from Davidoff. As with all Davidoff Cigars, and to guarantee its quality and exceptional craftsmanship, the new Nicaragua range is hand rolled in Davidoff’s Dominican facilities by expert rollers.

“Davidoff Nicaragua has been crafted to delight today’s adventurous aficionados who are in the mood to discover new and exciting experiences to fill their time beautifully. These superb cigars combine the signature Davidoff refinement with all the intriguing intensity of Nicaraguan tobacco,” notes Charles Awad, Senior Vice President Global Marketing and Innovation at Oettinger Davidoff Group.

The Davidoff Nicaragua Experience
The 100% Puro Nicaraguan blend combines a 10-year-old Habano Seed Nicaragua Rosado wrapper in a beautiful colour, with a binder from Jalapa and a filler blend of tobaccos from Esteli, Condega and Ometepe. The range comes in three sizes: Toro (5 ½ inches; 54 RG); Robusto (5 inches; 50 RG) and Short Corona (3 ¾ inches; 46 RG).

The new range was very well received by aficionados who had a chance to experience it. In a blind taste test conducted at the Art Of Smoke in Germany, Davidoff Nicaragua ranked as of the five best cigars ever tested across all tobacco origins and blends. “One of the best cigars I’ve ever smoked. The cigar would be a regular in my humidor,” reveals a participant of the taste test carried out by Art of Smoke.

The experience starts off with white peppery notes, joined by typical Nicaraguan stimulation at the back of the palate. In the second third, the cigar starts changing, growing milder, alongside the appearance of an enjoyable sweetness. The aroma becomes milder, and flavours of roasted coffee beans and dark, bitter chocolate make themselves known. The cigar develops a creaminess at the end of the second third. During the last third, the cigar keeps building on the second third, delivering growing excitement and balance, thus becoming the kind of experience that only Davidoff can create. Time filled beautifully.

Launch and Availability
The official launch of Davidoff Nicaragua will take place during IPCPR (USA) in July 2013, followed by Inter-tabac (Germany) in September 2013.

The three formats – Toro, Robusto and Short Corona – will be available at Davidoff Appointed Merchants / Depositaires from July 2013 in the US and worldwide from September 2013.

To complement the cigar range, Davidoff will be introducing innovative accessories: a stylishly crafted new Limited Edition humidor, Davidoff’s first jet flame lighter and a punch cutter.

Formats –  Toro; Robusto; Short Corona

Length/Diameter – Toro (5 ½ inches; 54 RG);
Robusto (5 inches; 50 RG);
Short Corona (3 ¾ inches; 46 RG)

Wrapper – 10-year-old Habano Seed Nicaragua Rosado

Binder – Jalapa

Filler – Tobaccos from Esteli, Condega and Ometepe

Price – 66.00 US $ (per pack of 4 Toro cigars)
198.00 US $ (Toro, 12-piece box)
55.60 US $ (per pack of 4 Robusto cigars)
166.80 US $ (Robusto Tubo, 12-piece box)
49.50 US $ (per pack of 5 Short Corona cigars)
138.60 US $ (Short Corona, 14-piece box)

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