Cigar Review: La Palina “Goldie” Laguito no.5

Cigar Review: La Palina “Goldie” Laguito no.5

La Palina “Goldie” Laguito no.5

Size:  Laguito no. 5 (5 5/8″ x 54)

Wrapper: Ecuador Habano

Binder: Ecuador

Filler:  Nicaragua, Dominican Republic

Strength: Medium-full

Price:  $18 MSRP

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Grade: 9.5

Last year Bill Paley and his La Palina Cigars delivered one of the most memorable cigar offerings of the year with the “Goldie” no.2.  This Petit Lancero was rolled by a single roller at Miami’s famed El Titan de Bronze factory on Calle Ocho.  The “Goldie” was widely regarded as one of the best releases of the year by many bloggers and was our #1 Cigar of the year.  You can read our review of the “Goldie” no.2 here.

I had heard a new “Goldie” was being released a few months before the release and I was cautiously excited.  I loved the first release and was concerned that a follow up wouldn’t live up to expectations, especially in a larger Vitola.  My apprehension was somewhat put at ease while discussing the “Goldie” with Willy Herrera.  He was emphatic when he told me the blend held up to the larger ring gauge.  Let’s just say I was more than a little eager to give the “Goldie” no.5 a burn when I got my hands on them.

Also, be sure to read the back story on the “Goldie”  here.  As I mentioned in my review of the Laguito no.2:

  1. The Goldie features Medio Tiempe leaf, which is the top leaves of the tobacco plant and is only found on about 10% of tobacco plants.
  2. The entire Goldie production was rolled at the El Titan De Bronze factory in Miami by acclaimed master roller Maria Sierra, one of the first women trained to roll cigars in Cuba.
  3. The cigar is rolled in the traditional Laguito No. 5 Vitola (5 5/8′ x 54 ) with a fan cap, a tradition of Villa El Laguito.

But enough about that, let’s toast the foot!

Pre-Light:  (1.9)  The La Palina “Goldie” no 5 is a beautiful cigar to the eyes.  The “Goldie” is firm to the touch with just a bit of give by the foot.  The silky cinnamon brown wrapper has a little bit of tooth and a few more veins than its predecessor, though that could be a product of the change in size.  It also feels quite delicate when handled.  There is, of course, the soon to be snipped fantail.


While I think the Laguito no. 2 was delicate in appearance, and sophisticated on the palate.   The Laguito’s no.5’s larger size is the other end of the spectrum and creates a real feeling of curiosity and intrigue before the light.


The scent off the foot is terrific mild aroma of sweet tobacco, honey, and graham cracker.

Pre light draw offers up sweet tobacco, and the mildest hints of cinnamon, and dried fruit.


Burn: (1.8)   The “Goldie” no.5 has a flawless draw with just a a mild resistance.  The white-grey ash holds past the inch mark.  Burn line  gets a little wavy at times.  The “Goldie” no.5 has one of the richest, most distinct, and rewarding retro hales I’ve had this year.  The smoke is full, creamy, rich, and decadent.  The burn lasts even while letting the “Goldie” rest.  I did have a little bit of an issue with some wrapper splitting on two of the “Goldie’s” I smoked and it made burning to the nub impossible on one sample.


Flavor:  (2.9)  At first light there is oak, sugar, almond, and a strong cinnamon spice on the back end of the smoke that rests on the palate.  Less than an inch in and the cinnamon moves to the back ground and notes of vanilla and nutmeg emerge which are the joined by notes of dry tart fruit. This is about where the banana note hit in last years release and while I wouldn’t classify this flavor as “banana” in the no.5 it is certainly “a unique and fantastic flavor.  Retro haling amplifies the flavor immensely.


Smoking through the second third and the Goldie no. 5 is offering up a complex bouquet of distinct flavors.  Vanilla, cinnamon, spice, nutmeg, pepper, a tart fruitiness, oak, and just the faintest of that hint of banana that was so surprising when the no.2 was released last year.    Speed and depth of draw really impact the flavor so puff soft and slow to maximize the deep complexity of the flavor.


The final third opens up much the same way the second third closed.  A crescendo of harmonious and complex flavors delight the palate.  The “Goldie” burns cool to the nub, which is great because in the last inch and a half the cinnamon and pepper pick up a bit and provide for a finishing act that leaves you wanting more.

Overall: (2.9)   Well, what can I say, the “Goldie” Laguito no.5 is an equally impressive specimen to it’s predecessor, the Laguito no.2  The  bouquet of flavors are incredibly complex and amazingly well balanced.  The smoke is rich and creamy and full of nuance.

Last year I closed my review with a remark about the price tag, which I don’t like to do, but at $18 a stick I feel it necessary to mention it as it will impact the decision to enjoy this wonderful cigar for some people.  If the price is an issue, than grab one orr two for a special occasion, you won’t regret it. Is the “Goldie” worth it?  Well, only if you need to smoke one of the best cigars made!

Congratulations again to Bill Paley and his team at La Palina as well as Sandy and Maria at El Titan de Bronze on an absolutely remarkable cigar!

Total: 9.5


Editors Note:  I recently had the opportunity to visit El Titan de Bronze in Miami. Below is a picture of yours truly along with Maria Sierra, and yes, that is a lovely pile of “Goldie’s” that she had rolled that day.