Cigar Review: La Palina Classic Robusto

Cigar Review: La Palina Classic Robusto

La Palina Classic Robusto

Size: 5” x 52

Wrapper: Brazil (Habano)

Binder: Ecuador

Filler: Dominican Republic & Nicaragua

Strength: Medium

Price: $7.50

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Grade: 9.0

After my glowing review of the La Palina “Goldie” I thought it would be interesting to explore something a little more accessible from the La Palina brand.  That leads us to the La Palina Classic.  Introduced last year,  the La Palina Classic is “a noteworthy blend that will become a staple in your humidor”, according to brand owner Bill Paley. At the risk of revealing too much before getting down to business, let me just say that this cigar this cigar has become a regular in my humidor since I smoked my first sample stick last year.


But enough about that, Let’s toast the foot!

Appearance (1.8): The Brazilian-grown Habano wrapper on this cigar is not just smooth to the touch, but the hue on it is so even, that it’s best described as photogenic. A primary inspection of the foot shows a solid roll and I can say that at this point my hopes are high.


The scent off the foot of the La Palina Classic has a sweet and floral bouquet consisting of cedar, vanilla, earth, and a hint of caramel.


Burn (1.7):  The open draw on the La Palina Classic produces large plumes of smoke with every puff. The dark, gray ash held up well, passed the inch test, and did not show much sign of wanting to flake. The La Palina Classic had a fairly crisp burn line that tended to even itself out when the burn got a little funky.

Flavor (2.7): From the very start, the La Palina Classic actually presented itself with a more earthy profile thanwhat was discernable to the nose. With some sweetness peaking through in the back of the draw, this cigar was creamy from the start and had some nice, transitional spice that worked well. The end of the first third gradually got “meatier” in context and I was rather pleased with its transition considering I was only one-and-a-half inches in at this point.


The second third graciously tones itself down and begins with a mellow caramel and virtually no spice. At this point I had to remind myself I was smoking a Robusto because it was remarkable the number of subtle changes that had occurred so fluidly. As I approached the end of the second third, the cigar ramped up in strength and flavor with prominent notes of wood and leather.


Acting like the final movement of a symphony, the final third literally lays out a veritable smorgasbord of flavor: sweet cedar, vanilla, caramel, earth – everything I noted during my pre-light inspection – it all was there.  This cigar aims to please. For its third and final act, the finale of the La Palina Classic rewards the smoker with an increase in flavor, complexity, and strength.

Overall (2.8): The La Palina Classic Robusto is an ideal “everyday cigar”.  It offers solid construction and an inviting flavor profile, as a medium-bodied smoke it’s highly approachable and enjoyable for any smoker.


In all honesty, it’s quite rewarding to find a cigar at this price that goes through definitive, but well-calculated changes in character. The La Palina Classic line is no one-trick pony and for that alone it should certainly find its way into your humidor and possibly even worthy of a box purchase if you’re a regular smoker who likes diversity in your humidor!