Cigar Review: Sindicato “Hex” Churchill

Cigar Review: Sindicato “Hex” Churchill

Sindicato “Hex” Churchill
Size: 7” x 54
Wrapper: Dark Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium
Price: $8.75

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Grade: 8.9

One of the biggest stories emerging from this past years IPCPR trade show was the launching of the brand Sindicato.  Why is this different from every other year where new brands are launched?  Well Sindicato is different.  Sindicato was born of the efforts of a team of 45 of the nations largest cigar retailers, and who better to steer the ship then Jim Colucci, retired VP of US Sales for Altadis (Monte Cristo, Romeo y Julieta, Vega Fina, ring any bells?).


According to their website Sindicato is a new brand of cigar that is focused on putting the Cigar retailer and costumer first. According to the website:

Our goal is to create a cigar company whose mission is to put the tobacco retailer and its             customers first. Tobacconists can trust Sindicato Cigars to create superior         brands that they can   whole-heartedly support. Consumers can trust that Sindicato Cigars will create superior blends catering to their needs.


With the combined experience of Mr. Colucci and 45 retailers throughout the country it sounds like they may know something about what it takes.


But enough about that, Let’s toast the foot!

Appearance (1.8):  The presentation on the Hex was superb.  The Churchill is a big sucker with an atypical ring gauge of 54 on its 7″ frame.  The dark Habano wrapper shows a number of veins, a bit of tooth, and a little bumpiness in the roll.  The Hex is firm with a tight pack.  And then there is the bun.  A favorite style of mine the bun of wrapper tobacco at the top makes for an easy bit and light, a novelty I wish more manufacturers would use.


The scent off the foot had grass, hay, earth, and an underlying sweetness.  The pre light draw offered up hay, earth, graham cracker, and just a hint of cinnamon.

Burn (1.8):  The Sindicato featured expert construction which yielded an effortless draw.  The light grey ash held firm easily passing the inch mark (no trouble making it past two inches on one of the samples I smoked).  The Dark Ecuadorian wrapper burned a little uneven and wavy at times but did not require touch ups or relights.  Hex burned cool all the way to the nub.


Flavor (2.6):   At first light the Hex opens up filling the palate with a gentle white pepper and some spice around the edges.  There are elements of caramel, oak, leather, and cedar as the first third evolves.  A nice undertone of coffee joins the mix.  Strength is on the lower side of medium.  Body is medium inching close to full.  There is a light spice on the finish.

As I burn through the middle of the Hex flavors of oak, leather, and spice remain in the forefront.  The coffee undertone remains in an intermittent fashion.  No one flavor is dominant or overwhelming, but they are discernable and enjoyable, especially that coffee undertone which is joined by an oaky undertone.  Strength and body remain in the medium range.  There is a discernable sweetness from the wrapper that ties everything together and keeps things interesting.  The Hex is incredibly smooth and this smoothness stands out on the retro hale.


Smoking through the last third and the Hex continues to display the same charactersitics throughout my journey.  Leather, white pepper, gentle spice, with undertones of coffee, oak, and a sweetness persist as I approach the nub.  In the last in there is an hint of grape and char that surprises me, in a good way.



Overall (2.7): Sindicato is an idea that in my humble opinion is long overdue.  For years consumers have fawned over cigars that were produced by big factories and market with terrific gimmickry but perhaps missed something in their connection to the needs of the consumer, or the retailer.  In addition its not uncommon for retailers to have their own signature blends.  So why not combine both ideas and offer a superior quality premium cigar at a consumer friendly price with a little bit less gimmickry.


The Hex delivered a balanced smoking experience that offered just enough flavor, complexity, and strength to appreciate without having any one characteristic be so dominant as to exclude the tastes of a lot of aficionados.  I suspect a lot of B & M regulars will be quite happy to enjoy the Hex especially with a sub-$10 MSRP.  I know I will.


Cigars provided for this review were provided by Sindicato Cigars.  While we appreciate the generosity it in know way affects our review.


Total: 8.9