Cigar Review: Quesada Oktoberfest Dunkel – A Smoke Inn Microblend

Cigar Review: Quesada Oktoberfest Dunkel – A Smoke Inn Microblend

Size: Toro  (6″ x  54)

Wrapper: Broadleaf Maduro & Ecuadorian Connecticut

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican Cuban Seed Criollo, Olor Viso & Ligero

Strength: Medium-Full

Price:  $8.95

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Grade: 9.2

Back in March I mentioned during my Big Delicious review that there was a rumor of a Quesada-Smoke Inn Microblend in the works.  Last week Smoke Inn Cigars confirmed the rumor with the press release published here.  The concept is simple, a tribute to “Dunkel” or “dark” Bavarian Ale which is fitting since the annual, limited, Oktoberfest blend was blended with a goal of being a pairing cigar for this seasonal beer.  The “Dunkel” takes it to the next level by incorporating the same filler blend as the Oktoberfest, but changes wrappers, incorporating an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper at the foot and then cloaking the balance of the cigar in a select Broadleaf Maduro wrapper.

From  the press release:

In the spirit of Oktoberfest, the Dunkel uses the same binders and fillers of the regular Oktoberfest release, with the exception of the wrapper. A very select broadleaf maduro wrapper envelops this rich cigar with a slight underlying Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper at the foot, thus giving the appearance of a dark rich Dunkel beer with a savory foamy head.

The unique experience of smoking one wrapper, then 2 wrappers, and then one wrapper again give this Oktoberfest a unique complex flavor while maintaining that core flavor of Oktoberfest that fans across the world have grown to love.

This is the Seventh installment of the Smoke Inn Microblend Series, all of which have been exceptional smokes in my opinion.  This is the first Microblend Series from Quesada.   The previous installments are:

  1. Tatuaje “Anarchy
  2. Padron SI-15
  3. My Father “El Hijo”
  4. Arture Fuente “Solaris
  5. Tatuaje “Apocalypse”
  6. Room 101 “Big Delicous”

But enough about that, let’s toast the foot!

Pre-Light:  (1.9)  There is no missing the unique dual wrapper feature of the Dunkel.  The first half inch or so only the Connecticut wrapper is visible. The Broadleaf wrapper that wraps the bulk of the cigar looks excellent as it is a very dark maduro with some bumps, a bit of tooth, and a few prominent veins.

The scent off the foot is of aged tobacco with a hint of sweetness.  The aroma is rich but not pungent.

Burn: (1.8)   The burn on the Dunkel was a little uneven at first,  but it did eventually  evens out.  The is a slight tension in the draw.  The salt and pepper ash is firm and easily passes the inch test.  My Dunkel burned cool to the nub.

Flavor:  (2.7)   The Dunkel opens up with a rich and slightly a nutty characteristic.  There is a long pepper finish off the Connecticut wrapper opening.   A few puffs in and the Broadleaf wrapper starts to burn, infusing a medium cocoa element into the flavor. Spice, nuts, tart pepper, and cocoa round out the flavors as the two wrappers burn together.  As with previous Oktoberfest releases, the smoke is drying to the palate.  Rounding out the first third and the Connecticut wrapper seems to have lost its grip as the tartness softens and the cocoa picks up.

Smoking into the second third and the unique pepper and spice that is a feature of the Oktoberfest is in full display.  I find that the Oktoberfest profile is greatly enhanced by the broadleaf wrapper found on the Dunkel as it adds a particular sweetness and a dry bakers cocoa note that interweaves itself through the profile. Retrohaling brings out a myriad of assorted spices.  Strength has been medium but seems to be gaining towards the end of second third.

Smoking into last third and the dry bakers cocoa remains at the forefront followed up by the bouquet of assorted spices that makes the Oktoberfest so unique.  I taste a a very pronounced earthiness as I hit the last inch.

Overall: (2.8)  I’ll be the first to tell you I love a number of cigars that the Quesada family produces, and the Oktoberfest is not one I would put in my wheelhouse.  For me, the Dunkel is a game changer.  The Connecticut wrapper brings a certain creaminess to the opening, the combo with the broadleaf takes the complexity to another level, and the broadleaf on its own adds a sweetness and richness that I really enjoy and miss in the standard blend.

Another hit from the Quesada family and the folks at Smoke Inn Cigars.  It really is amazing the creativity and quality that has become a hallmark of the Microblend series.  If you enjoy the Oktoberfest line this is a must have box purchase.  If you enjoy broadleaf and want to experience a new complex blend this is a must buy as well.  Well done gentlemen, well done!

Total: 9.2


Editors Note:  The cigars for this review were provided by Smoke Inn Cigars, a site sponsor.