Top 10 Cigars of 2013

Top 10 Cigars of 2013

Well another year has passed and with that we reflect on the year that was.  For me personally, it was an exciting and challenging year.  My professional responsibilities grew and the time required for that, and my son getting older, took away from the time I had dedicated for writing reviews.  For that I humbly apologize to you, my readers.

And with that I bring you The ToastedFoot top 10 of 2013.  Choosing a top 10 list is no easy feat, it gets even harder when your very own rules restrict you to only include the cigars that were reviewed.  There are cigars I smoke regularly, or love tremendously that will not appear on the list as they were not smoked for review.  So just like last year, here are the factors that went into the list:

1)         Original Score
2)         Impressions beyond the review.
3)         How often I either wanted to, or smoked, the cigar outside of the review.
4)         The list is completely subjective and entirely driven by my own palate

And with no further delay…………

10.)     Quesada “Heisenberg”.  Released early in the year the Quesada Heisenberg left it all to the imagination.  No info was released regarding the blend, it was a cigar meant to be enjoyed and not pontificated upon.  With a great price point and a super smooth and creamy smoking experience, the “Heisenberg” makes for a great medium “daily” smoke.

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9.)        Room 101 “Big Delicious”.  A Smoke Inn Microblend Exclusive, this collaboration between Matt Booth and Abe Dababneh of Smoke Inn Cigars fits its name perfectly.   I am not always a big fan of blends featuring Honduran tobaccos but the combination of exotic spice, pepper, cedar, and fruity notes made the “Big Delicious” nothing short of its namesake!

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8.)      Espinosa “Maduro”.  Let’s see, what do you get when you mix Erik Espinosa, some Nicaraguan long filler, and a Mexican Maduro wrapper?  A rich and tasty daily smoke worthy of the #8 spot on this years top 10!

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7.)   Drew Estate-MUWAT-DS6.  This Outland Cigars store exclusive was a modified blend of the massively popular MUWAT by Drew Estate.  At first I wasn’t a big fan of the MUWAT line, but this smaller format was a favorite this year.  The fact that I smoked through the bundles in just a few quick weeks is all the reminder I need as to how much I enjoyed this cigar.

6.)   Joya de Nicaragua CyB Lancero.   Last year the Lonsdale of the CyB blend took the 4th spot in my top 10.  While on Cigar Safari I was able to smoke (and snag) a few of the TAA exclusive Lanceros.  I’ll repeat my words from last year (and Jose Blanco’s words from IPCPR 2012) “Flavor, Flavor, Flavor!”.  Agreed, and I cant wait to see what you do next Jose!

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5.)   My Father “El Centurion”.     The return of a one of Pepin’s most beloved blends, or so we all had hoped when first announced, was a big story last year only it turned out to be a new blend featuring the famed moniker.  It took me a few sticks to really appreciate te El Centurion, but once I found it, I kept going back for more.   There’s a reason the Garcia family are tobacco legends and the El Centurion continues that legacy.

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4.  Quesada Oktoberfest “Dunkel”.      I’ll be the first to admit that while I am a fan of a lot of the cigars that Quesada blends, I’m not a big fan of the Oktoberfest line.  The “Dunkel” changed that for me!  The broadleaf wrapper on the “Dunkel” brings a whole new depth of flavor to the smoke.  I bought a box with the intent of letting them sit a while, as I do with all Smoke Inn Microblends…..needless to say that box didn’t last two months, and for that the “Dunkel” get the four spot in my top 10 of 2013.

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3.  La Palina “Goldie” No. 5.              This was an early favorite for cigar of the year for me, after all, last years version won my top honor.  The no. 5, a toro, offered a rich, creamy, and complex smoke profile that I really love.  Just not quite as much as I loved last years version.

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2.  Ortega Serie “D” Maduro No. 9.   To anyone who knows my palate this should come as no surprise, after all, the same blend in the no.8 took this spot last year.    As far as I’m concerned, the Serie D by Eddie Ortega sets a benchmark in taste, performance, and value.  I have yet to smoke a Serie D that I didn’t love, and this luscious lancero was by far one of my favorite smokes with its deep notes of cocoa and espresso.

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And now ToastedFoot proudly announces our Cigar of the Year!!!

1.  Emilio Cigars-La Musa Mousa.     The La Musa Mousa, formerly the Grimalkin, wasn’t a new cigar in 2013, but it was new for me, and it was amazing!  The Musa Mousa is just incredibly complex and full of flavor.  Instead of recapping my thoughts on this amazing cigar, I’ll share what I had written back in January regarding this memorable cigar:

the La Musa Mousa is truly something special. The flavors were borderline      amazing and the constant shifting of strength amongst the flavors made the La    Musa more than just a smoke, it was an adventure in flavor. To say I enjoyed the   La Musa would be an understatement of significant proportion. To put things in    perspective, had I smoked the La Musa before I published my top 10 of 2012 it       would have been on the list, and likely in the top 5. I suspect will be seeing it     again as we put our end of 2013 lists together….”

So there you have it, albeit a little late, but there’s my top 10 of 2013.  I smoked a lot of great cigars last year, reviewed a number of them, and look forward to picking up the pace and getting back on schedule with reviews in 2014.

I’d like to thank all of you for your support for the last few years!

Long Ashes,