Cigar Review: La Navarre Aramis

Cigar Review: La Navarre Aramis

Navarre Cigars
Country: France
Wrapper: France
Binder: France
Filler: France
Size: 5″ x 50
Strength: Medium-bodied

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Overall Rating: 8.2

France is known for many gentlemanly things, but cigars have never been one of them. Navarre Cigars is trying to change that. The tobacco for the Navarre Aramis is grown from Cuban seeds in the town of Navarrenx in the Béarn region of France on the Spanish border. As a way of paying homage French history each size in the line is named for characters from Alexandre Dumas’ The Three Musketeers. It is worth adding a few of theses cigars to the humidor to share with friends who are avid cigar smokers looking to try something different.

Pre-Light: The simple orange, white and gold band says “Navarre” on it with “France” contained in a gold oval. For some reason the look of the band makes me think of Cirque du Soleil.

Navarre has made a very good looking cigar with a beautiful triple cap. There is the occasional green blemish on the wrapper and several noticeable veins, but this just seems to add the the charm of this cigar. An aroma of cedar and herbs comes off the unlit foot of the cigar, and the pre-light draw is good but a little on the smooth side.

Burn: Once lit an aroma of fried hay and fall leafs fill the room. The Navarre Aramis burns extremely even at first, with an almost razor sharp burn line. Starting out a bit on the firm side, but it loosens up nicely after the first half inch or so. The Navarre holds its white ash quite well. By the halfway the cigar begins canoeing a bit requiring a quick touch up from my lighter.

Flavor: The Navarre cigar is quite interesting when it comes to flavour. Leather and fine oak are the dominate notes in the first third. A hint of spice stays slightly in the background. During the second third the spice picks up and is joined by herbs (basil and tyme), oak, leather and nuts. Halfway through the cigar, a yeasty bread-like flavour appears and continues through to the end. As the final third begins leather again dominates. The Nararre Aramis starts to burn hot towards the end. One of the cigars for this review developed a chalky charcoal like flavor towards the end that was quite unpleasant. However, this only occurred on one cigar out of five, so I’m going to assume it was an anomaly. Overall, it’s uniqueness of flavor makes the Navarre a cigar worth trying at least once.

Overall: On the whole, the Navarre Aramis was a treat to smoke. There were flavors that I’ve never encountered in any other cigar. The occasional burn issues did not detract from the enjoyment of this very original cigar. I always enjoy cigars with a unique story, and this one definitely fits that category. Because of its limited availability and the novelty of being 100% French tobacco, it is worth adding a few to a long term collection. The Navarre has all the characteristics of a cigar that will age quite well.

Pairing: When it comes to pairing I’d suggest a nice fine oak Macallan (such as the 15 or 25 year old) are excellent choices. Other pairings of note are the Royal Lochnagar Distiller’s Edition, Tobermory 15, Balvenie 17 DoubleWood, Cardu 12 and Glenfarclas 105. A 2005 Lancaster or a 2003 Opus One are great red wine pairing choices with the Navarre cigar.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)