Cigar Review: Bodega Reunion Apertivo Corona Gorda

Cigar Review: Bodega Reunion Apertivo Corona Gorda

Bodega Cigars
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua (Habano Claro)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 5 1/2″ x 46
Strength: medium to medium-full
Price: $10.00 MSRP

Overall Rating: 9.1

One thing that is great about boutique cigar blends is that they tend to have interesting flavor combinations that are not found in the cigars made by larger manufacturers. The Bodega Reunion Apertivo manages to live up to the tradition of of great boutique cigars. Themed (according to the Bodega website) around “fellowship – gathering, connectedness and friendship”, everything about this cigar from the band to the strength seems to fit that theme. It is an good medium bodied cigar with unique fruity flavors with superb construction. The Bodega Reunion Apertivo is a cigar that is worth seeking out to enjoy with friends and family in the spirit of fellowship that the cigar represents.

Pre-Light: The Bodega Reunion has a beautiful band that is a work of art. The family tree themed band manages to look both modern and classic at the same time. Purple, burgundy, white and silver are not a combination that comes to mind when thinking of cigar bands, but somehow it seems to work. The secondary band with the word Apertivo on it fits snugly against the primary band. A light brown wrapper leaf, with almost no noticeable veins, looks appetizing against the dark purple and red of the band.

An aroma of dried hay comes from the wrapper, while a sweet tobacco smell can be picked up from the unlit foot. The pre-light draw is a little too on the firm side for my tastes. Sweet tobacco flavors come through on the cold draw.

Burn: At first, the draw of the Apertivo is slight on the firm side, but after the first inch of the cigar the draw opens up significantly. The burn on the Bodega Reunion Apertivo is very even from start to finish. A beautiful white ash clings firmly to this cigar, making it a perfect choice for an ash contest. Though the smoke production starts out slow, but by the second third of the cigar the Bodega Reunion begins to produce copious amounts of flavorful smoke.

Flavor: initially there’s a pleasant floral flavor that is hard to put a name to. This soon fades into black cherries and sweet tobacco. A background note of white pepper only adds to the interesting mix of flavors. The transition to the second third is where the Bodega Reunion really gets interesting. The fruity notes of cherries, plums and red grapes gives the second third a red wine like quality. Though the wine like fruits dominate the second third it is still possible to detect background flavors of pipe tobacco, leather, oak and hay. The Bodega Reunion’s final third sees black cherries, cedar, leather, spice, earl grey tea, sweet tobacco and mild white pepper mingle together to varying degrees until the cigar is finished. This is quite a complex cigar with a good deal of unique flavors.

Overall: I had heard great things about the Bodega Reunion, and the cigar did not disappoint. This cigar has some complex flavors including cherries, plums, oak and leather. The almost red wine like quality to this cigar is unlike anything I’ve experienced in another cigar. An even burn and a good draw (after the first inch) makes the Bodega Reunion Apertivo an pleasure to smoke. For those looking for a medium to medium-full bodied cigar that is different from anything they’ve had in the past, the Bodega Reunion is the perfect choice. I really enjoyed this cigar, and I plan on adding some to my humidor to age.

Pairing: A bottle of sparkling water allows for the maximum enjoyment of all the unique flavors in this cigar. If you’re determined to have a drink with this cigar, I’d suggest a vodka tonic so that the flavors still come through in full. Although, it seems like a bottle of Cabernet or Merlot would pair well, it’s my fear that these would overpower the already wine like flavors found in the Bodega Reunion.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)

Cigars for this review provided by Gary Griffith (@Cigar_G) of Emilio Cigars, distributor of Bodega Premium Blend Cigars. As always when we receive samples from a manufacturer we are under no obligation to positively review their cigars. At ToastedFoot we are committed to remaining independent and unbiased when reviewing cigars and products on the site.