Cigar Review: Don Pepín Garcia Original (Blue Label) 6 x 62 Box Pressed

Cigar Review: Don Pepín Garcia Original (Blue Label) 6 x 62 Box Pressed

My Father Cigars
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua (Corojo)
Binder: Nicaragua (Criollo)
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 6″ x 62
Strength: full bodied
Price: $10.50

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Overall Rating: 9.0

Jose Pepín Garcia (better know as Don Pepín) has become a legend in the cigar industry. His My Father cigars have produced countless well received cigars including the La Dueña, El Centurion, Jamie Garcia Reserva and Flor de las Antillas. However it all started with the Don Pepín Garcia Original (or Blue Label), which was the first blend released under his own name. Originally produced in Miami, the production has since moved to Tabacalera Cubanas S.A. in Esteli, Nicaragua. After all this time the Don Pepín Garcia Blue Label is a blend that still holds up. Lately, there has been a trend towards larger ring gauge cigars, and My Father has followed suit with several bigger sizes. The Don Pepín Garcia Original 6 x 62 Box Press is a large cigar that doesn’t sacrifice complexity for size, and is perfect for fans of full bodied cigars.

Pre-Light: The Don Pepín Garcia Original 6 x 62 is a good looking box pressed cigar that feels quite comfortable in the hand. A brown leather color is set off nicely against the classic looking blue and gold double band. The wrapper is smooth and oily with few prominent veins.

Leather and oak aromas come from the unlit Pepín Blue Label. The pre-light draw is very easy, as expected from such a large ring gauge cigar. Flavors of cocoa, leather and hay come through on the cold draw.

Burn: Like all My Father cigars, the Don Pepín Garcia Original is a superbly constructed cigar. The draw is smooth and easy, producing a good deal of flavorful white smoke. The burn is very even with no need for lighter touch ups. A dark gray ash holds firmly to the cigar only coming off when you want it to.

Flavor: From the start there is a coffee and cocoa flavor backbone that is present to varying degrees during the course of the cigar. The first third of the Pepín Blue Label is made up of coffee and leather flavors with hints of cocoa and peanut in the background. Initially there is a good deal of pepper on the retrohale, but this mellows and mixes with a pleasing chocolate note. During the transition to the second third a dried fruit note similar to Ocean Spray Crasins creeps in. The cocoa and leather come to the front during the second third of the Pepín Original. Other detectable flavors include creamy cappuccino, oak, peanut, caramel and very mild spice. In the final third, the pepper and spice pick up a bit while coffee and oak are the dominant flavors. Subtle hints of leather and oak can still be detected, but the final third is really about the pepper and coffee notes.

Overall: Although the 62 ring gauge may seem daunting, when box pressed this size becomes much more manageable and seems slightly smaller than it really is. Having previously enjoyed the Don Pepín Garcia Blue Label in other sizes, I was not at all disappointed by this larger size. Coffee and cocoa flavors dominate this cigar, but a complex mixture of leather, oak, peanut, caramel and pepper are all present. The construction is of the high quality that one would expect from My Father, with an even burn and easy draw. I enjoyed this cigar very much and am sure to revisit it again when I have the time to enjoy such a large cigar. This is one cigar well worth picking up at your local brick and mortar retailer.

Pairing: The Don Pepín Garcia Original is a cigar that best pairs with a cup of coffee or a cappuccino. When it comes to spirits I’d recommend a Camus Cognac or a peaty Islay single malt.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)