Cigar Review: 1502 Ruby

Cigar Review: 1502 Ruby

Global Premium Cigars
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 6″ x 50
Strength: medium to medium-full
Price: N/A

Overall Rating: 8.8

The year 1502 was the year Christopher Columbus discovered Nicaragua (although I’m pretty sure the natives never thought it was lost) on his fourth and final voyage to the New World. As a company that declares itself “proudly Nicaraguan,” Global Premium Cigars, founded by Enrique Sanchez Icaza, named its line of cigars for that year. The gold Spanish doubloon on the bands pays homage to its use as the main form of currency between Spain and it’s New World colonies. This old world look to this box pressed line of cigars is quite interesting.

A medium bodied box pressed cigar, the 1502 Ruby is a well made Nicaraguan cigar with a Ecuadorian wrapper. Wood, nuts, cocoas and pepper flavors make this a pleasure to smoke. The 1502 is a superbly constructed cigar with an easy draw and great burn. With distribution from Emilio Cigars, the 1502 Ruby should be a hit with the blogging community.

Pre-Light: There is a slight reddish tint to the wrapper of the 1502 Ruby. The dark red and gold band against the reddish box pressed cigar gives it a classy old world look. There’s a slight pirate like theme to this cigar that I find quite interesting. There are several visible seems and a few prominent veins to the wrapper, but this does not adversely affect the smoking experience.

An aroma of chocolate and slight leather is noticeable from the wrapper. From the unlit foot comes a cherry and sweet tobacco scent. The pre-light draw is a bit on the firm side, and a dried fruit flavor comes through.

Burn: The 1502 Ruby has an easy draw and produces a considerable amount of flavorful smoke. A beautiful white ash clings nicely to the cigar. The burn is razor sharp from beginning to end. There’s a pleasing floral aroma to the smoke from the cigar that makes the 1502 Ruby a treat to smoke.

Flavor: Once lit, the 1502 Ruby starts with a mixture of grass, nuts and very mild white pepper. A half inch into the cigar a pleasing cherry note occurs mixing well with flavors of grass, sweet cedar, walnuts and almonds. The pepper recedes to a point where it’s hard to detect. At the transition to second third a bit of white pepper and spice joins the existing flavors. Sweet cedar, nuts and dried fruit dominate the second third of the 1502 Ruby. At the halfway point a slight cocoa flavor occurs, and gets slightly stronger as the cigar goes on into the final third. Cocoa, coffee, nuts, cedar, oak and white pepper are the main flavors during the final third of the cigar. During the last inch and a half a slight clove like flavor occurs before dissolving into cocoa and coffee.

Overall: The 1502 Ruby is a flavorful medium bodied cigar. There’s some interesting development to the flavor profile. It starts out woodsy with dried fruit notes and ends with chocolatey with mild spice and pepper. The cigar is very well constructed and even burning. I love the look of this cigar’s band. From time to time I may revisit the 1502 Ruby. My opinion of the 1502 Ruby is pretty much in line with Willy’s earlier review of the 1502 Black Gold. It’s a definitely a good cigar worth trying if you like medium to medium-full cigars. Of the 1502 line, the Ruby is so far my favorite.

Pairing: My personal choice for pairing is the Macallan 18 single malt scotch. Other notable pairings are the Cardu 12, Aberlour A’bunadh, Balvenie 17 DoubleWood and Glenfarclas 17.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)

The cigars for review were provided by Gary Griffith (@Cigar_G) of Emilio Cigars, distributor of Global Premium Cigars. No request for review was made by Emilio Cigars. While their generosity is appreciated, we at ToastedFoot do not allow this to affect our reviews of their cigars.