Cigar Review: 1907 by Dunhill

Cigar Review: 1907 by Dunhill

Dunhill / General Cigar Co.
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Honduras
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Size: 5″ x 52
Strength: medium bodied
Price: N/A

Overall Rating: 8.4

In 1907, Alfred Dunhill opened his first tobacco shop in London, and he soon made a name for himself as the tobacconist of choice for King George VI and Sir Winston Churchill. The 1907 by Dunhill commemorates this important year in the life of the brand’s founder. Solidly medium bodied, the 1907 is a cigar with a good deal of wood and herbal spice to it. The 1907 by Dunhill is a addition to the Dunhill line and fills a gap in strength between the Aged Range and Signed Range cigars. For fans of Dunhill or those who enjoy woodsy medium bodied cigars, the1907 by Dunhill should not disappoint.

Pre-Light: The 1907 band is a bit of a departure from those on the Dunhill cigars, but still has the classiness that you’d expect from a cigar bearing the Dunhill name. There is a leather color to the Honduran Osa Viso wrapper that has only a few prominent veins that do nothing to hinder the burn of the cigar. A beautiful oily sheen makes the wrapper really stand out against the matte band.

There is a leather and natural tobacco aroma from the wrapper of the Dunhill 1907, while from the foot there is a strong sweet tobacco and dried fruit aroma. The cold draw is a little tight and lets through flavors of sweet tobacco and spice.

Burn: The draw on the 1907 has a great draw that produces a lot of smoke. The burn is even throughout and requires no touch ups.

Flavor: At the start their is a good deal of mild spice and herbal flavors. The 1907 by Dunhill has a wood and spice profile throughout the cigar. Cedar, leather and hay tend to dominate the first third of the cigar. Flavors of oak, black tea and natural tobacco notes all occur in the background to some extent during the cigars first half. The second third sees the herbs, mild wood and hay taking over as the dominant flavors while the strength mellows for the majority of the 1907’s middle third. At the transition to the final third, strong spice suddenly occurs as the strength significantly increases to a solid medium. Cedar, leather, nuts, light roast coffee and herbal spice mingle together during the final third of the 1907 by Dunhill.

Overall: The Dunhill Aged Cabreras Tubo (now called the Aged Range) was the first cigar I ever had. (Thanks to Chris Sabino for that!) I’ve always been partial to Dunhill name for that reason and the gentlemanly air that they have about them. For a while now, I’ve been waiting for a new Dunhill release. The 1907 by Dunhill is a mild to medium bodied woodsy cigar that is very well made. Although it starts out on the milder side, eventually the strength picks up to solidly medium. There is a fair amount of complexity to the 1907, but no one flavor ever really stands out from the rest. All in all, the 1907 by Dunhill is a good mild to medium bodied cigar that is a great choice for the golf course out boating with friends. The key to this cigar is price; if it’s priced at the same level of Aged and Signed Range cigar I’d rather have the Aged Range, but if it’s priced lower it’d be a good value priced alternative to the other Dunhill cigars. I will definitely revisit it from time to time and put a few down I the humidor, but part of that is probably sentiment.

Pairing: The 1907 by Dunhill is a cigar that pairs well with a glass of wine. The Inglenook (Coppola) Rubicon, Far Niente Cabernet or Flora Springs Trilogy are all excellent choices. For those looking for something stronger the Balvenie 21 PortWood, Glenmorangie LaSanta, Glenfarclas 105 or a Camus Cognac will pair quite well with this cigar.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)

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