Cigar Review: Clave Cubana by Cordoba & Morales

Cigar Review: Clave Cubana by Cordoba & Morales

Cordoba & Morales
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua (Criollo 98)
Binder: Ecuador
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 6″ x 56
Strength: medium to medium-full
Price: $16

Overall Rating: 9.1

Cordoba & Morales is a boutique cigar company that’s main focus is on producing cigars for golfers. With their special edition Clave Cubana cigar they have gone a different direction and produced a music themed cigar. Packaged in Special Edition boxes of ten cigars with a CD from Latin-Jazz and salsa musician Tomasito Cruz, the Cordoba & Morales Clave Cubana is an impressive box pressed Nicaraguan puro. Nuts, sweet woods, spice, pepper and grains give this medium bodied cigar a good deal of flavor. I’ve been wanting to write up a review on this cigar since I first had it, because it’s an impressively good boutique cigar that is worth picking up for those looking to try something a bit different.

Pre-Light: The Clave Cubana is a very pretty cigar. A box pressed cigar with a pigtail cap, the care that went into the construction of the Clave Cubana is readily apparent. The bright red music themed band really pops against the very light kaki colored wrapper. There’s a very interesting pattern to the visible veins on the cigar’s wrapper, but it does not appear hinder the smoking of the cigar. The Clave Cubana is soft to the touch.

An aroma of barnyard hay and oak can be noticed on the wrapper. Sweet tobacco and raisin scents come from the unlit foot. The Criollo 98 wrapper on the Clave Cubana is rather delicate so be careful when cutting this cigar, and avoid using a v-cut or punch on the cigar. (It’s always my policy to use a straight cut from a Xikar MTX cutter when reviewing cigars.) The cold draw is very easy and a sweet natural tobacco flavor comes through.

Burn: Once lit the draw on the Clave Cubana is perfect and produces a good deal of flavorful smoke. At first, the burn on the Clave Cubana is a bit uneven, but it soon corrects itself and only burns more even as time goes on. This cigar holds its ash surprisingly well, and makes a good choice for an ash contest with friends.

Flavor: Starting off there is a white pepper and sweet wood (cedar and oak) flavor to the Clave Cubana. An inch into the cigar a slight salted nut flavor occurs and is soon joined by spice, leather, pepper and oak. The second third sees the spice recede as the nuttiness creeps in and takes over. Sweet cedar, oak and leather remain in the background during the second third of the Clave Cubana. At the halfway point, a pleasing whole grain toast and cinnamon flavor occurs. Cedar takes a leading role during the transition to the final third, as white pepper and mild spice mingle in the background. The final third is leathery with roasted almond and salted nut flavors dominating. This is a flavorful cigar right through until the end and is quite hard to put down.

Overall: The Clave Cubana is a boutique cigar that holds up extremely well against its competitors. It is a beautiful looking full flavored medium to medium-full bodied cigar with significant nut, wood, grains, spice and pepper flavors. Although it burns a bit uneven at first this quickly corrects itself as the cigar burns on. Despite being in a class with the Davidoff Nicaraguan it’s hard for a new cigar brand to command that kind of price with consumers, and the $16 MSRP may put it out of the range of the average cigar smoker. That said, this is a great cigar that I enjoyed very much. I’ve had a few of these over the past few months and have not been disappointed. This is a cigar worth trying if you like woodsy medium bodied cigar (and you can find one). I personally plan on putting a couple down in my humidor to age for a while.

Pairing: When pairing the Cordoba & Morales Clave Cubana a cappuccino or dark roast coffee are the best choices. For the scotch drinker a dram of Balvenie 14 Caribbean Cask is a solid choice. A nice sipping rum such as the Kirk and Sweeney 12 or Zafra 21 will also compliment the nutty and woodsy flavors of the Clave Cubana cigar.

Cigars for this review were provided by Azarias Mustafa of Cordoba & Morales Cigars. No request was made by Cordoba & Morales for us to review their cigars, and though their generosity is greatly appreciated we at ToastedFoot do not let it affect our ratings or reviews.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)