Cigar Review: Leccia Luchador Loco Perfecto

Cigar Review: Leccia Luchador Loco Perfecto

Leccia Tobacco
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Mexico (San Andrés)
Binder: Ecuador (Habano)
Filler: Nicaragua, USA (Pennsylvania Ligero) and Honduras
Size: 6″ x 58
Strength: full bodied
Price: $8.75

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Overall Rating: 9.2

The Leccia Luchador takes it name from the famous masked Lucha Libre wrestlers in Mexico. Like those wrestlers the Luchador Loco Perfecto (litter all meaning “crazy perfect” in Spanish) is a spicy and peppery heavyweight that is sure to please. Packed full of every conceivable pepper flavor from crush red and ground black to green pepper. It’s an interesting mix of tobaccos that gives the Luchador its unique problem, including use of Pennsylvania Ligero. This is one of those interesting cigars that is bound to delight fans of full bodied peppery cigars. Leccia has has a great cigar in the Luchador Loco Perfecto, and it should be exciting to see what’s next for Leccia.

Pre-Light: The Luchador is a cigar that looks quite appetizing, with its dark toothy wrapper. The red, green, white and gold Luchador mask on the band really stands out against the wrapper that is the color of a steak from the Taste of Texas steakhouse in Houston. There are a few prominent veins with and one noticeable seem, but these do nothing to detract from the burn of the cigar.

Off the wrapper there is a strong aroma of leather and oak. The pre-light draw is surprising easy for a cigar of this shape. Flavors of oak, leather and spice come through on the cold draw.

Burn: The Luchador Loco Perfecto has a perfect draw, and produces a great deal of flavorful white smoke. From start to finish, the Leccia Luchador is a very even burning cigar.

Flavor: After a short burst of cinnamon off the first few puffs, pepper soon comes to dominate this cigar. From beginning to end, the Luchador is a cigar with every imaginable pepper flavor. An earthiness remains in the background behind black and white pepper. At the transition to the second third, a cayenne pepper note appears and quickly disappear into a haze of pepper and spice. Earth, leather, green peppers and soil come forward as the black pepper pepper and spice recede just slightly. The final third sees a good deal of salt, crushed red pepper and leather as the main flavors. Oak, chalk and walnut can be noticed peeking out behind the strong spice and pepper. This is a flavorful cigar all the way to the end.

Overall: The Leccia Luchador is a cigar that seems to feature every kind of pepper flavor imaginable. This is the perfect post-steak cigar. Although I’ve tried the Luchador in every size, it’s the Loco Perfecto that really stands out for its intense pepper. Few cigars make such good use of the Mexican San Andrés wrapper the way the Luchador Loco Perfecto does. In the Loco Perfecto the Luchador really desearves its 9.2 rating; in its other sizes the rating falls at various points in the 8.9 to 9.1 range. It’s a hard cigar to put down, and I’ve (more than once) burned my fingers trying to make it last longer. I was a big fan of this cigar, and enjoy them fairly regularly since their release. If you’re a fan of full bodied San Andrés cigars (like I am) then Leccia Luchador Loco Perfecto is definitely a must try cigar. It’ll be interesting to see how it ages in the humidor.

Pairing: I suggest a bottle of sparkling water to pair with the Luchador so that all the pepper flavors come through. A coffee or esspresso are good choices for a post dinner pairing with this cigar. If you’re absolutely determined to have alcohol with the Luchador, I’d stick to a red wine such as the Duckhorn Parradux or Drops of Jupiter Cabernet.

On a Side Note: The Luchador received an official release on Cinco de Mayo, though it did start showing up on shelves at the end of February. Despite its theme, the Leccia Luchador is not a limited release cigar. However, with the Alec Bradley Filthy Hooligan, CAO Evil Snowman and CAO Naughty Showman there has been a trend towards holiday themed cigars. I can’t help wondering what holiday is coming next. Fourth of July, Presidents Day and Columbus Day all seem like they’d make for interesting cigar themes.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)