Cigar Review: Old School Jaxx LT by La Sirena

Cigar Review: Old School Jaxx LT by La Sirena

La Sirena Cigars
Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Ecuador (Connecticut)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua & Honduras
Size: 6″ x 52
Strength: mild
Price: $8.50 MSRP

Overall Rating: 8.6

Old School Cigars is the new offshoot brand from Arielle Ditkowich of La Sirena Cigars. The mildest cigar in this expansion is the Old School Jaxx LT made in Honduras at the Plascencia Factory. Although it is a mild cigar, the Jaxx LT does not lack for flavor. Honey, graham cracker, oak, hay and toast make for an interesting experience. The construction is impressive with a great draw and razor sharp burn. The Old School Jaxx LT by La Sirena is a good mild cigar for days on the golf course or boating with friends.

Pre-Light: The Old School Jaxx LT has a beautiful cream colored Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. The simple blue and silver band and foot band are set off nicely against the wrapper. There are a couple veins that stand out and no noticeable seems.

Off the wrapper there are flavors of barnyard hay and oak. Off the unlit foot of the Jaxx LT a natural tobacco flavor is easily noticeable. The cold draw is smooth and easy letting through flavors of hay and natural tobacco.

Burn: The Old School Jaxx LT has a great draw and produces a good deal of smoke. This is a cigar with a razor sharp burn. On one of the cigars smoked for this review it did burn a bit hot towards the end, but this did not happen on the others.

Flavor: There’s an immediate honey and graham cracker that disappears into grass, hay and oak about half an inch in. An inch into the Old School Jaxx LT flavors of sweet peaches and apricot peek out from grass, hay and sourdough bread. During the second third flavors of oak, hay, graham cracker and toast all blend together for a pleasing experience. Entering the final third of the Jaxx LT the strength picks up to just on the border of medium. Oak, almonds, honey and toast are the dominant flavors. The Old School Jaxx LT is a mild cigar that still has a good deal of flavor.


Overall: For some time I’ve been a fan of La Sirena Cigars, and it is nice to finally see the line expand. I was originally a bit dubious because of the name and the lack of the typical La Sirena band, but I should know by know not to judge a book by its cover or a cigar by its band. The Old School Jaxx LT is a flavorful mild cigar with oak, hay, honey and graham cracker notes. The construction is impressive with an even burn and a great draw. It is the perfect cigar for those looking for something a bit more flavorful than a Monte Cristo or Macanudo. Although it is a bit too mild for my tastes, the Old School Jaxx LT is a great cigar for the golf course or boating. For those times when I’m looking for a good cigar the golf course I’ll definitely pick up an Old School Jaxx LT or two.

Pairing: Almost any kind of beverage can be paired with the Old School Jaxx LT from La Sirena. My personal choice is a Tobermory 15 as it is my favorite single malt. Coffee or cappuccino seems to compliment the graham cracker flavors of the cigar quite well.

Cigars for this review were graciously provided by La Sirena Cigars. No request for review was made by La Sirena. Though their generosity is appreciated, we are under no obligation to review their cigars and do not let it influence our review. We at ToastedFoot remain committed to providing unbiased cigar reviews. 

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)