Cigar Review: Room 101 Namakubi Ecuador H-Town Lancero

Cigar Review: Room 101 Namakubi Ecuador H-Town Lancero

Room 101 Ltd. / Camacho Cigars
Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Honduras (Corojo)
Filler: Dominican Republic & Honduras
Size: 7″ x 38
Strength: medium
Price: $9.50

Overall Rating: 8.8

Today I move from West Palm Beach to Houston. So, in keeping with that theme today’s review is the Room 101 Namakubi Ecuador H-Town. The H-Town was made for Stogies World Class Cigars in Houston, Texas. I’m a big fan of Room 101 (especially the Daruma) and Camacho (especially the Ecuador, Diploma and Ditka Throwback), so I was expecting to enjoy the Namakubi Ecuador H-Town and it didn’t disappoint. Medium bodied with wood, citrus and leather flavors make this an interesting cigar. If you tend to be a fan of Room 101 cigars and are near someplace that has them then the H-Town is definitely worth adding to your collection.

Pre-Light: The Namakubi Ecuador H-Town is a great looking lancero. The secondary foot band matches the black, red, white and gold double band that has traditionally appeared on the Namakubi Ecuador. An oily wrapper that is the color of stained wood is topped of with a pigtail cap.

There is a strong leathery aroma to the Ecuadorian wrapper of the Namakubi H-Town lancero. Off the unlit foot there is a subtle sweet natural tobacco smell. The pre-light draw is impressively easy and allows through flavors of natural tobacco and tea.

Burn: This is an extremely even burning cigar with razor sharp burn line. The draw is great, especially for a lancero, and it produces a good deal of smoke. There is a tendency for one of the seems on this cigar to come loose, but it does not actually affect the smoking experience.

Flavor: The Namakubi Ecuador H-Town has some interesting flavors to it. Right from the start there is cedar to the H-Town that mingles with citrus. There is a good deal of spice on the retrohale for the first few inches of the cigar. After the first inch of the cigar there are occasional hints of mint that occur from time to time. Entering the second third the strength mellows a bit while mint, mild citrus, cedar and leather blend together. At the start of the final third the herbal flavors come to the forefront. The cedar picks up in the last third of the Namakubi Ecuador H-Town. Cedar, leather, oak and herbs are the main flavors to the final third of the Namakubi H-Town.

Overall: The Ecuador H-Town edition is a very good medium bodied cigar. With lots of cedar and citrus flavor, this is a great cigar for those hot Houston summer night. Personally, I’m a big fan of Matt Booth’s cigars. I think what he’s done with Room 101 and Camacho is nothing short of amazing; they have become my everyday cigars. The Room 101 Namakubi Ecuador H-Town is yet another great cigar. Typically I enjoy larger ring gauge cigars because of how they fit better in my giant hand, but the Namakubi Ecuador H-Town has won me over. The construction on this cigar is phenomenal. I would recommend this cigar to anyone who enjoys Camacho cigar. I’ve picked up several and plan on picking up more when I get to Houston. This is a cigar that should age quite well.

Pairing: When pairing this cigar the best choice is an Angel’s Envy or Woodford Reserve Bourbon. For the scotch drinker a Balvenie 17 DoubleWood, Glenmorangie LaSanta or Jura 10 are all excellent choices for pairing with the Room 101 Namakubi Ecuador H-Town lancero.

On a Side Note: The Room 101 Namakubi Ecuador H-Town is made for Stogies World Class Cigars in Houston. Jorge runs a great shop and I can’t wait to see his new expansion. That said, I actually picked the cigars for this review up at Smoke Inn Cigars in Boyton Beach. Smoke Inn carries the Namakubi H-Town and the Flor de Las Antillias lancero (both made for Stogies) and Stogies carries the Room 101 Big Delicious and Quesada Oktoberfest Drunkel. I love the idea of my two favorite cigar shops working together to bring cigar enthusiasts what they want.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)