Cigar Review: Cordoba & Morales Front 9 Torpedo

Cigar Review: Cordoba & Morales Front 9 Torpedo

Cordoba & Morales Cigars
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 6 1/4 x 52
Strength: mild to medium
Price: $8.50 MSRP

Overall Rating: 8.9

If there is one boutique cigar company to watch over the coming 18 to 24 months it has to be Cordoba & Morales. Their strategy of making cigars specifically for golfers is quite unique. Owner Azarias Mustafa is an avid golfer himself and this certainly affects his ability to know what golfers want in a cigar. The Cordoba & Morales Front 9 is a mild cigar with a good deal of oak, graham cracker, grass and nut flavors that seems perfect for the golf course. If you’re one of those people that smokes a cigar while playing a round then the Front 9 is a cigar worth seeking out.

Pre-Light: The red and green band looks impressive a again the wrapper of the cigar. I really like the look of the Cordoba & Morales Cigar line. The wrapper on the Cordoba & Morales Front 9 has a nice light kaki color to it with a slight oiliness.

An oak and leather aroma is easliy noticeable from the wrapper of the Front 9. Off the unlit foot comes a sweet natural tobacco and hay sent. The cold draw is perfect, letting through flavors of raisins, hay and natural tobacco. There is a creaminess to the second third of the cigar that is reminiscent of almond milk.

Burn: The burn on the Front 9 is mostly even, and corrects itself quickly at those rare times when it does burn uneven. A great draw allows through a good deal of smoke. There is a grassy aroma that comes from the lit cigar that is similar to the freshly cut grass of a golf golf course. This is a cigar that holds its dark grey ash very well.

Flavor: At the start of the Cordoba & Morales Front 9 there are flavors of oak, hay and graham cracker. There is just a bit of spice and very mild white pepper on the retrohale. There are hints of oats, grass, peanuts and and honey in the first third of the cigar. At the transition to the second third there is a grass and parsley flavor to the cigar that mixes with nuts, oak and graham cracker. The retrohale has a mild grass and slight spice to it during the second third of the cigar. During the final third grass, herbs, oak and nut flavors dominate the Front 9 cigar. The spice picks up slightly on the retrohale. The last inch or so of the Cordoba & Morales Front 9 is see white toast and graham cracker flavors take over until the end.

Overall: The Cordoba & Morales Front 9 is a great mild cigar that is perfect for the golf course. The grass, nut and graham cracker flavors are quite pleasant, and the construction is top notch. This is a mild cigar that doesn’t sacrifice flavor in the way so many others do. I’ve now had every cigar in the Cordoba & Morales line, and each one has been impressive in its own right. (See my earlier Clave Cubana review.) This is definitely a company to watch. If you’re an Ashton, Monte Cristo or Romeo y Julieta fan the Cordoba & Morales could easily become your new favorite cigar. Personally, I plan on bringing along several of the Front 9 next time my “Uncle” Jeff takes me golfing at East Pointe or when I go boating with friends. For me this cigar is a bit too mild, but when I want a mild cigar this will certainly be one of the first I turn to.

Pairing: The Cordoba & Morales will pair well with a wide variety of beverages. Because it’s a great cigar for the golf course, I choose to pair it with iced tea or water. I would avoid pairing it with hoppy ales as they will overpower some of the hay and oat notes to the cigar. A citrus or fruity cocktail will pair very nicely when looking for an alcoholic drink to enjoy with the Front 9.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)

Cigars for this review were provided by Azarias Mustafa of Cordoba & Morales cigars. No request for review was made. Although their generosity is appreciated it in no way affects the way the cigar is reviewed. At ToastedFoot we remain dedicated to being impartial while reviewing cigars.