Cigar Review: La Jugada Nunchuck

Cigar Review: La Jugada Nunchuck

Moya Ruiz Cigars
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua (Habano Oscuro)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 7 x 54
Strength: full bodied
Price: $22.00 (for two cigars)

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Overall Rating: 8.5

The La Jugada Nunchuck is the third cigar blend to be released by Moya Ruiz Cigars. It is a limited edition cigar created for the Cigar Dojo online cigar site and social network. In keeping with the dojo theme, the cigars are packaged to resemble a pair of nunchucks. Only 1,000 boxes of 10 cigars are being released to La Jugada retailers across the country, and they should sell out pretty quickly. So far, Moya Ruiz Cigars has released really good high quality cigars made at Erik Espinosa’s La Zona factory. (See Willy’s earlier review of the La Jugada Prieto.) The Nunchuck is a good edition to the La Jugada line, and will please fans of very full bodied cigars.

Pre-Light: The Nunchuck is a interesting designed package of two cigars. A leaf steam is attached by a hole in the cap two the two cigars. The pair is held together by a giant white Nunchuck band that covers the individual cigars. There is a look to the band that calls to mind an old Kung Fu movie. As for the cigar itself, an oily leathery brown wrapper with one very prominent vein running through it stands out against the white Nunchuck band.

The wrapper of the La Jugada Nunchuck has a barnyard hay and cocoa aroma to it. Off the unlit foot there is a strong chocolate scent. The cold draw is smooth and easy letting through flavors of natural tobacco and oak.

Burn: The burn is uneven at first, but corrects itself about an inch or two into the cigar. A perfect draw lets through a ton of smoke. This is a somewhat fast burning cigar.

Flavor: At the start of the Nunchuck there is a natural tobacco and oak flavor that remains throughout the first third. At times there are hints of cedar, green tea, brown rice and nutmeg to the first third that are quite pleasing. There is some mild pepper and a bit of leather to the retrohale. Entering the second third of there is a mild chocolate flavor that mingles with the existing cedar, nutmeg and green tea. At the halfway point there is just a slight saltiness to the smoke coming from the Nunchuck. The final third of the La Jugada Nunchuck is similar to the second third with oak, leather, cedar, nutmeg, green tea and earthy tobacco being the main flavors.

Overall: The La Jugada Nunchuck is a good full bodied cigar with a strength that creeps up on you due to its three full ligero leafs. Don’t stand up too quickly after you finish the Nunchuck. There is a slight lack of complexity to the Nunchuck that I found a bit disappointing, but the existing flavors are quite nice. I like the fact that this cigar manages to be full bodied without the strong pepper that most people associate with strong cigars. The strength makes this a good post meal cigar. I did enjoy cigar and will be adding a box to my collection to support my friends at Cigar Dojo (mostly so I can show off the way it looks someday). I’ll definitely be smoking a Nunchuck after I see the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie this summer. Still, like I’ll probably feel about the Ninja Turtle movie, I feel the Nunchuck didn’t live up to the expectations built by the hype around it.

Pairing: When pairing the Nunchuck I’d suggest a cup of coffee or cappuccino after dinner. For something a bit different this cigar will pair excellently with an aged Fonseca Port.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)

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