Cigar Review: La Palina El Dario KB

Cigar Review: La Palina El Dario KB

La Palina Cigars
Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Honduras (’99 Rosado)
Binder: Honduras (’98 Criollo x 2)
Filler: Nicaragua (Corojo ’99 & Criollo ’98)
Size: 4 1/4″ x 40
Strength: medium bodied
Price: $9.00

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Overall Rating: 8.8

Once in a while there just isn’t the time to enjoy a large cigar, and even a robusto seems to be too large or long lasting. At these times some cigar smokers resort to desperate measures such as cheep drugstore cigar tins of cigars. The La Palina manages to bridge this gap by providing a small cigar with a decent amount of flavor. Medium bodied with a fair amount of woodsy flavors, the La Palina El Dario Kill Bill (KB) is an good little cigar that is perfect for when you are short on time. La Palina calls it a “petite corona with the heart of a churchill” which seems like a fairly accurate description.

Pre-Light: The La Palina El Dario KB features the standard gold and white band of most La Palina cigars. The wrapper on the KB is not as pretty as those on its larger siblings with several prominent veins that stand out due to the cigar’s small size. There is a dark reddish brown color to the wrapper that is reminiscent of a vintage bomber jacket.

There’s a very subtle scents of oak and coffee from the wrapper. Off the unlit foot there is an aroma of dried fruit and sweet tobacco. The pre-light draw is very easy, and it allows through a sweet natural tobacco flavor.

Burn: For a little cigar the construction on the El Darino KB is impressive. The draw is perfect and produces a good deal of flavorful smoke. The burn is even throughout this little cigar.

Flavor: The La Palina El Dario KB begins with oak, grass, natural tobacco and cinnamon. On the retrohale there is a good deal of spice and a bit of pepper. The second third sees spice, cedar, herbs, cinnamon and leather take over as the dominant flavors. Cedar, grass, black tea and spice are the main flavors in the final third. Throughout this cigar there is a slight tartness that only serves to enhance the already present flavors. There isn’t much time for the flavor to develop, but this is a very flavorful little cigar.

Overall: The El Dario KB is a good quick little cigar for when you’re short on time, but do not want to sacrifice quality and flavor. I’ve been a big fan of the La Palina brand since Bill Paley resurrected it. The La Palina El Dario KB has a lot of of flavor for such a small cigar. Wood, grass, spice, pepper, tea and herbs all make and appearance in this four and a quarter inch cigar. “El Dario” translates to “The Daily” and the KB is certainly good enough that it could be a daily cigar. There is a downside to the El Dario KB which is it’s price, but it’s important to remember that you’re purchasing a cigar of much higher quality than the most similarly size cigars. Personally I like the El Dario, and will probably keep a few on hand for breaks on long road trips or for those times when I’m out with cigarette smokers. My opinion of the El Dario KB lines up fairly closely with Willy’s 2012 Review of the El Dario KB II.

Pairing: My personal choice for pairing with the La Palina El Dario KB is a cup of Teavana Rubios tea (I like the Lemon-Lime Kampi or the Tropical Nut Paradise blends). Really just about anything pair well with this cigar. I would avoid white wine, but other than that you really can’t go wrong with anything you choose to drink while enjoying an El Dario KB.

On a side note, The Kill Bill name makes reference to the Tarantino movie of the same name. I found the name a bit humorous, because when doing research for a previous review several sources stated the Bill Paley died in 2002. The internet in essence killed Bill, which is more humorous considering over the past several years I’ve talked to him on many occasions. I guess the reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated. Bill is alive and well, and he continues to make great cigars.

Review by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)