Cigar Review: Las Calaveras Edicion Limitada 2014 by Crowned Heads

Cigar Review: Las Calaveras Edicion Limitada 2014 by Crowned Heads

La Calaveras 2014
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuador (Habano Oscuro)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 6 x 52
Strength: full bodied
Price: $9.95

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Overall Rating: 8.5

The Las Calaveras 2014 is the first in a series of annual releases celebrating the Mexican Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. The idea is that this yearly release will pay homage to those that have passed the year before. Made at My Father Cigars S.A., only 3,000 boxes of the Las Calaveras 2014 were produced. Each year the blend of the Las Calaveras will change, but the spirit and theme of the cigar will remain the same. The inaugural cigar is full bodied with lots of pepper up front, and earthy coffee and cocoa flavors. This is a decidedly different cigar than others in the Crowned Heads portfolio.

Pre-Light: The Lad Calaveras has a simple design to the slightly too shiny band. A spectacular looking dark chocolate colored wrapper covers the Las Calaveras. There are several prominent veins to the cigar.

The wrapper of the Las Calaveras has an aroma of leather and oak, while a sweet tobacco and cocoa scent comes from the unlit foot. An extremely easy pre-light draw lets through a lot of sweet tobacco and a bit of pepper flavor.

Burn: The Las Calaceras is an extremely even if fast burning cigar. The draw is just a bit on the loose side. This cigar produces a ton of flavorful while smoke.

Flavor: Right from the start there is an immediate cocoa flavor that soon fades. Strong black pepper occurs of the retrohale. Half an inch into the Las Calaveras the pepper and spice really begin to pick up. There is an odd meaty flavor in the background that is hard to describe. There is a lot of earthy and meaty flavors behind the pepper, but they are all muddled together during the first third. At the start if the second third a coffee flavor begins to shine through the earth, cocoa and natural tobacco notes. The second third is where this cigar really comes into it’s own. Some cocoa flavor becomes apparent at the start of the final third and mixes well with the coffee, earth and natural tobacco that is already present. There is a lot of pepper on the retrohale that might overwhelm some, but I found it quite pleasing.

Overall: I was looking forward to this cigar. I’m a big fan of Crowned Heads cigars, but maybe my expectations were a bit too high. The Las Calaveras 2014 is a good full bodied cigar if you can make it through the first third. During the first third many of the flavors are muddled, other than the pepper on the retrohale, and there are few flavors that stand out. The second and final third of the Las Calaveras is quite good with cocoa, coffee and natural tobacco being the dominant flavors. For me, was a bit underwhelming. I do like the idea of a cigar that pays respect to those who’ve died in the last year. (I recently smoked one in honor of “Doc” Steven Goldstein.) Personally, I may try the cigar again but it will not be a regular fixture in my humidor. That said, a lot of my friends that enjoy full bodied Nicaraguan cigars, are big fans of this cigar. It’s worth trying and deciding for yourself.

Pairing: When pairing the Las Calaveras 2014 I’d suggest a bottle of Landshark or Corona. If you are determined to pair it with something stronger a Ledaig 10 or Glenmorangie 10 should pair nicely.

On a side note: The artwork on the Las Calaveras box was inspired by “La Calavera Catrina,” a zinc etching by Mexican illustrator, Jose Guadalupe Posada. Supposedly, this is supposed to be a female skull. How one can tell this from that painting is beyond me. It simply looks like an animated skull…male or female. If it’s supposed to be a female skull I will take the Crowned Heads’ guys words for it. The sex of the skull does make for an interesting trivia question though.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)