Cigar Review: Toraño Vault A-008 Torpedo

Cigar Review: Toraño Vault A-008 Torpedo

Toraño Cigars
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Honduras & Nicaragua (Ometepe)
Filler: Nicaragua (Estelí & Condega)
Size: 6 x 50
Strength: full bodied

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Overall Rating: 8.5

The Toraño Family has a long history in the cigar industry dating all the way back to 1916. However, the story of the Toraño Vault line of cigars dates to 1982 when Carlos Toraño Sr. began writing down the family’s blends in a “blend book” to keep track of the blends released and those that never left the factory. The book was locked away in a vault (hence the line’s name) until Charlie Toraño revisited the blend captured in the book. Blend A-008 dates to 2000, but was never released because it was missing something. Apparently what it was missing was a second binder lead from the volcanic island of Ometepe in Nicaragua. The result of this revisitation is the a good full bodied cigar that was released back in 2011.

Pre-Light: The Vault has a beautiful, but not overdone, black and silver band with a simple foot band. An oily chocolate brown wrapper has a few noticeable but smooth veins. The Toraño Vault is a great looking torpedo.

A barnyard hay and oak scent comes off the oily wrapper of the Toraño Vault. Aromas of powdered cocoa and sweet tobacco come from the unlit foot of the cigar. The cold draw is very easy and lets through flavors of coffee, cocoa and just a bit of pepper.

Burn: The burn on the Vault is a slightly wavy, but it is not bad enough to require fixing with a lighter. There is an odd aroma to the burning Blend A-008 that is similar to wet hay and rose water. What is most impressive about the Toraño Vault is it’s easy draw, that is perfect to my taste.

Flavor: There is a chocolatey start to the the Toraño Vault Blend A-800 that is almost s’more like in character. (For those of you who’ve never had one a s’more is milk chocolate, mash mellow and graham cracker melted together.) Cocoa and pepper occur on the retrohale. As the cigar burns on there are flavors of cedar, oak, leather and spice that all Blevins together in a pleasing way. On the retrohale there is a mixture of dried fruit, salt and black pepper. At the transition to the final third some significant spice begins to dominate the flavor profile. Powdered cocoa, black pepper, oak, sea salt and spice last through until the very end of the cigar.

Overall: The Toraño Vault Blend A-008 is not a bad cigar for the price. There is a good deal of powdered cocoa, spice, black pepper and oak flavor to the cigar. Though the burn is a bit uneven, it does not need correcting from a lighter. The Vault is a full bodied cigar that should please fans of Toraño cigars. I typical avoid torpedo cigars (for no real specific reason), but I found the Vault torpedo to be a an enjoyable cigar. Personally, I will likely pick the Vault Blend A-008 from time to time.

Pairing: The Toraño Vault A-008 is a great cigar to pair with beer. A bottle of Monk in the Trunk, Newcastle or Fat Tire are all good choices.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)