Cigar Review: AKA Nth° Eternal

Cigar Review: AKA Nth° Eternal

American Kick Ass Cigars
Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Mexico (San Andres – aged 4 years)
Binder: Dominican Republic (aged 4 years)
Filler: Dominican Republic, Honduras & Peru (aged 4-5 years)
Size: 7 1/4″ x 50
Strength: medium bodied
Price: $8.75

Overall Rating: 8.8

Only a company based in Texas would name their company American Kick Ass Cigars. This proudly American company began producing cigars for American cigar smokers back in 2010, but really began hitting their stride in the last two years. Though the name may be off putting for a few, it goes well with the company’s fun and edgy nature. There is one thing more impressive than there cigars and that’s the way the give back to our brave men and women in uniform. AKA is a supporter of both the Wounded Warrior Project and Cigars for Warriors, which is reason enough to give their cigars a try. Despite having several good blends, it is the AKA Nth° that is the most impressive. The Nth° is an old school maduro in the respect that maduro simply means a dark wrapper. It’s got a good amount of sweetness to it without the overpowering strength people have begun to associate with maduro cigars in the past ten years or so.

Pre-Light: A nice dark chocolate colored wrapper covers the AKA Nth° which really makes the teal blue and and silver band stand out. Of all the AKA cigars this one really stands out on retail shelves. The wrapper if dry to the touch.

There is a noticeable dried hay and natural tobacco aroma that comes from the wrapper of the Nth° cigar. Scents of sweet cocoa, natural tobacco and a hay can be picked up off the unlit foot.

Burn: The draw on the AKA Nth° is fairly easy and allows through a good amount of smoke. An even burn from start to finish requires no touch ups from a lighter. This cigar has a great aroma to it that is part floral, part roasted nuts and part sweet chocolate.

Flavor: The AKA Nth° begins with a cocoa flavor that remains throughout the cigar. There are hints of hazelnut, Arabic coffee and salted nut that mix well with the existing cocoa flavor. On the retrohale there is a pleasing mix of floral notes and cocoa. Entering the second third of the AKA there is a slight floral flavor that occurs in the background that is quite unique. As the cigar continues on the coffee flavors begin to get creamier. The cocoa and coffee flavor dominates the second third of the Nth° while roasted almonds, floral cedar and a mild tanginess remain in the background. During the transition to the final third of the cigar there is just a hint of herbal spice that joins the existing cocoa, coffee and floral cedar flavors. The coffee flavor really takes over in the final inch and a half of the cigar.

Overall: With a name like American Kick Ass Cigars and the brightly colored bands and boxes, it would be easy to assume that this is a brand that is all marketing and no substance, but that would be “misunderestimating” this cigar. It is an old fashioned maduro, in the sense that it has a dark wrapper but is not overpowering in strength. With core flavors of cocoa and coffee, this is a great cigar for the weekend afternoon. Personally, I really love this cigar and have been adding them to my humidor on a regular basis since I first discovered them. This is a great cigar just about any time.

Pairing: The AKA Nth° goes very well with a Hudson Bourbon or glass of Angel’s Envy Bourbon. For the beer drinker, the old Texas favorite, Shiner Bock will pair quite nicely with the Nth° cigar.

On a side note: When you purchase these cigars save your AKA cigar bands. The AKA Rewards Program allows you to send in you bands and receive discounts and free swag from the company. I like how AKA is rewarding customer loyalty, and I think other companies should look at this as an example of a way to keep their customers in a culture that is always about the next big thing.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)