Cigar Review: Davidoff Nicaragua Toro

Cigar Review: Davidoff Nicaragua Toro

Davidoff Cigars
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Nicaragua (Rosado)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 5 1/2″ x 54
Strength: medium-full
Price: $16.50 MSRP

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Overall Rating: 9.1

For years Davidoff has been known as a Dominican cigar company; especially after they stopped making cigars in Cuba. Master Blender Henkie Kelner is known for using fairly mild to medium filler and Ecuadorian Connecticut-seed wrappers, so this Nicaraguan Puro is a major departure from the norm. (The term “Puro” being applied to this cigar is being debated by some cigar writers because, though the tobacco is all Nicaraguan, it was manufactured at Davidoff in the Dominican Republic.) The Davidoff Nicaragua is one of those rare cigars that you almost never hear a bad word said about it. This is a must try cigar, especially for those who’ve shied away from Davidoff as being too mild.

Pre-Light: The Davidoff Nicaragua is an impressive looking cigar. The traditional Davidoff band has a new black and silver color scheme. A bronze secondary band with the word Nicaragua proudly proclaims the tobaccos’ origin. There is a slight oiliness to the reddish brown wrapper that lacks noticeable veins or seems.

A hay and grass aroma comes from the wrapper of the Davidoff Nicaragua with just a slight floral scent to it. There’s a natural tobacco and hay aroma to the unlit foot of the cigar. On the cold draw a sweet vanilla and a bit of hay the comes through quite easily.

Burn: The draw of the Davidoff Nicaragua is smooth and easy from start to finish. The burn line is a bit jagged for a Davidoff, but it did not need any attention from a lighter. The Nicaragua holds its white ash extremely well.

Flavor: The Davidoff Nicaragua begins with a very creamy sweetness. There are hints of nuts, vanilla, caramel and oak to the first third of the Nicaragua Toro. A bit of pepper of occurs on the retrohale for the first inch of the cigar. In the second third the nuttiness really shines through with pecans and almonds being most noticeable. Though the Nicaragua uses completely different tobacco there is still a similarity in tangy flavor to the rest of the Davidoff line. Entering the final third a slight creamy latte flavor that joins the existing nuts and oak. The creaminess makes way for a slightly bitter (but not unpleasing) coffee flavor. In the last two inches of the cigar some cedar and leather flavors join coffee and nuts.

Overall: I don’t try to hide the fact that I’m a big fan of Davidoff’s cigars. Few companies can match the consistency and quality the Davidoff puts into its products. The idea of a Nicaraguan Davidoff was one the a lot of Davidoff smokers (myself included) dreamed of but never thought would actually happen. When it finally did, the result was an amazing full flavored medium-full bodied cigar. I’ve gone through several boxes of this cigar was first released and always have a few at the bottom of the humidor. Despite being completely different that any other cigar in their portfolio, there is still a certain signature Davidoff tanginess that is a pretty amazing feat to pull off. Fans of Davidoff cigars will are sure to be pleased, and Nicaraguan tobacco fans will be happy to have a high end option other than Padrón. There is a reason this cigar made just about everyone’s top ten list (including No. 3 in Cigar Aficionado).

Pairing: A vinage Port is the best choice for pairing with the Davidoff Nicaragua. Personally, I tend enjoy a glass of Fonseca with the Davidoff Nicaragua. The Balvenie 21 PortWood, Glenmorangie Lasanta, Glenfarclas 105 or Jura Prophesy all pair quite well with the Davidoff Nicaragua.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)