Cigar Review: Headley Grange Laguito No. 6 by Crowned Heads

Cigar Review: Headley Grange Laguito No. 6 by Crowned Heads

Crowned Heads Cigars
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuador (Sumatra)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 6 1/2” x 56
Strength: medium
Price: $10.50

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Overall Rating: 9.3

Normally, Willy and I do not review the same cigar in different sizes because it would just become a bit redundant. (Willy generally picks sizes that appeal to him personally. I try to try a bunch of sizes and pick the one that best fits that cigar blend.) However, when a friend that works at my local cigar shop gave me the new Headley Grange Laguito it was too good not to share with our readers.

The Headley Grange Laguito No. 6 is the same blend as the original Headley Grange sizes (see Willy’s earlier Headley Grange Estupendo review), but in the same size as the Cuban Cohiba Behike BHK 56. From start to finish this was a great medium bodied woodsy cigar. The construction is great. This is definitely a box worthy cigar.

Pre-Light: The black and gold Headley Grange band stands out nicely against the light tan wrapper. There are few prominent veins to the new Headley Grange size. Seam lines are noticeable only when looking closely at the cigar. The cap is finished off with a fantail-style cap.

A leather aroma is quite noticeable on from the wrapper of the Headly Grange Laguito. From the unlit foot come scents of natural tobacco, wood and cinnamon. There is a sweat floral flavor along with some hints of honeybell orange and oak to the cold draw that is smooth and easy.

Burn: The draw of the Laguito is quite easy and lets through a ton of smoke. The burn is even from start to finish. What is really impressive is how well this cigar holds its ash. This is definitely a great choice for an ash contest among friends on a weekend afternoon.

Flavor: Right off the bat there is a sweet honeybell orange flavor to the Laguito that is quite unique. Soon into the first inch of the cigar, mild flavors of cedar and herbal spice join the existing orange notes. The cedar and citrus begins to mix with some flavors of breakfast cereal, basil, grass and cinnamon. Entering the second third of the Headley Grange Laguito begins to see the cedar become sweeter as does the orange flavor. The herbal spice begins to pick up a bit towards the halfway point of the cigar, and slight saltiness begins to occur. By the halfway point, the cedar and spice have pushed the citrus into the background. At the transition to the final third of the Headley Grange Laguito the spice really picks up (especially on the retrohale). Herbs, cedar, nuts and grass dominate the final third of the cigar while just a hint of citrus continues to remain in the background.

Overall: I’m a huge fan of almost every cigar that Crowned Heads has put out in since they began producing cigars (with the exception of the Las Calaveras which I thought was okay). The Headley Grange was always a good medium bodied cigar that I picked up from time to time, but the sizes all seemed a little too small for me to make it a regular fixture in my humidor. The Headley Grange Laguito has changed that. A mix of citrus, cedar, herbs, spice, grass and saltiness makes this a complex and pleasing woodsy cigar. Personally, I’m a big fan of this cigar and will definitely be adding it to my humidor. If your are a fan of medium bodied woodsy cigars then the Headley Grange No. 6 Laguito is a must try cigar.

Pairing: My personal favorite choice for pairing with the Headley Grange Laguito is the Compass Box Orangie blended scotch. A seaside single malt such as the Lagavulin 16, Talisker Storm or Isle of Arran 14 will also pair nicely with the Laguito. For the beer drinker a Blue Moon or Newcastle will also pair fairly well with the Laguito.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)

One of the cigars for this review was provided by Jara (@htowncigarbabe). No request for review was made, but I did say I’d throw up a link to her Instagram account when I finally got around to reviewing the cigar. At ToastedFoot we remain committed to bringing you the best impartial cigar reviews on the internet.