Cigar Review: Room 101 Daruma Gold Monstro

Cigar Review: Room 101 Daruma Gold Monstro

Room 101 Cigars / Camacho / Davidoff
Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Mexico (San Andres)
Binder: Brazil (Mata Fina)
Filler: Honduras & Dominican Republic
Size: 5″ x 60
Strength: medium-full
Price: $10.25 MSRP

Overall Rating: 8.6

Ever since I introduced the original Room 101 Daruma to my friend Carmin he smokes at least one a day. I’m convinced he’s personally gone through more of the original Daruma that anyone other than Matt Booth. So, it was only fitting that he was the one to bring me my first Daruma Gold. We were both looking forward to the new San Andres wrapped cigar, but sadly (for the first time with and Room 101 cigar) I was underwhelmed by the Daruma Gold. It’s a cigar that will surely be bought by Matt’s fans, but it’s not really to my personal tastes.

Pre-Light: The Daruma Gold features the same band as the original Daruma with only the accent color changed from silver to gold. A dark dry San Andres wrapper covers the Daruma Gold. The short squat Monstro is a great looking size.

Due to the fact that there is no cello on the Daruma Gold and it sat in the humidor for a while, it is a bit hard to say that the cedar and hay aroma from the wrapper is typical. There is a sweet tobacco and spice scent from the unlit foot.

Burn: The burn on the Daruma Gold is pretty even, and it corrects itself whenever it starts to get uneven. A very easy draw lets through massive amounts of flavorful smoke. The ash holds very well to the Daruma Gold Monstro.

Flavor: The Room 101 Daruma Gold begins with a chewy meatiness being the main flavor in the first third. There is a good amount of pepper on the retrohale. Occasionally, hints of leather and green peppers make an appearance during the first third of the cigar. Entering the second third a floral note takes over the retrohale as the pepper diminishes a bit. The second third sees the meatiness continue, while being joined by coffee, natural tobacco, oak and mild white pepper. As the final third begins the coffee and leather flavors begin to take center stage. Hints of peanut, cedar, oak and green pepper fade in and out throughout the final third of the Daruma Gold.

Overall: I was a huge fan of the original Room 101 Daruma, so I was looking forward to this cigar from the time it was announced. It is a good medium-full cigar, but sadly it just doesn’t come close to the flavor of the original Daruma. There is not a ton of development or complexity to the Daruma Gold. The flavors that are present are pleasing and mix well together. Though, I’ve tried each size in the line, there is not one that stands out as better than the others. Personally, I’ve picked one up on occasion but it’s not one that I’d purchase by the box. I’ll probably put a few down in the humidor to see how they age. In a thinner size this may be a better cigar, but even then it can’t match the original Daruma in the flavor department. Fans of Matt Booth will definitely snap them up, and if you like Room 101 cigars than this is worth trying a couple.

Pairing: When pairing the Room 101 Daruma Gold a high end beer is the best choice. Personally, I enjoy a Monk in the Trunk, Belhaven Scottish Ale or Fat Tire with the Daruma Gold. A glass of Cabernet or Shiraz/Syrah will also compliment the meatiness of the Daruma Gold nicely.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)