Cigar Review: B.G. Meyers Standard Issue Gordo

Cigar Review: B.G. Meyers Standard Issue Gordo

BG Meyers Cigars / Camacho Cigars / Davidoff
Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Nicaragua (Habano)
Binder: Nicaragua (Esteli)
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 6” x 60
Strength: medium-full

Overall Rating: 8.5

Rob Weiss, executive producer of Entourage and How to Make It in America has made his debute in the cigar industry with the new BG Meyers brand from Camacho Cigars. A Nicaraguan Puro that is manufactured in the Honduras, the BG Meyers Standard Issue is medium-full bodied with a mix of interesting flavor. It is an good introductory cigar for the brand. The interesting packaging manages to tell story Hollywood-style while not distracting too much from the cigar itself. Fans of the Ditka cigars or Room 101 cigars (see my earlier Ditka Throwback and Room 101 Daruma Gold reviews) will find that the BG Meyers Standard Issue is a cigar that should fit their tastes.


Pre-Light: A dark wrapper with a reddish tint to is mostly obscured by an interesting little paper band. I’m not going to put the words on it all here, but needless to say it is worthy of a Hollywood writer.


The wrapper of the BG Meyer Standard issue has a very mild wood and natural tobacco scent to it. Off the unlit foot there is a chocolate and natural tobacco aroma that also carries through in flavor on the cold draw.


Burn: The draw on the BG Meyer (as on all new Camacho cigars) is great and allows through a good deal of smoke. A mostly even burn need no correcting, and holds a nice gray ash very well.


Flavor: The BG Meyer begins with some cocoa and mild spice and citrus. Some cinnamon and cocoa appear on the retrohale. The first third shows a good amount of cocoa, nutmeg, cinnamon and oak. At the transition to the second third the nutmeg flavor really comes to dominate while cocoa, coffee, cinnamon and hay remain in the background. There’s a pleasing sweetness throughout. In the final third the coffee and nutmeg are the backbone of the flavor profile while the cocoa, cinnamon and oak also occur. A bit of white pepper mild spice begins to occur (especially on the retrohale) in the final inch or so of the BG Meyer. The BG Meyer Standard Issue is not an overly complex cigar, but is a flavorful one none the less.


Overall: Camacho rebranding tour has been a big hit and the cigars have been fairly impressive (see my earlier Ditka Throwback or Camacho Ecuador review). I figured that that the BG Meyer would have the same kind of quality to it. The BG Meyer is not a very complex cigar. In general the flavors are fairly consistent cocoa, cinnamon, coffee and nutmeg throughout the cigar. The BG Meyer is not a bad cigar, and is worth picking up if you’re a fan of the rebranded Camacho. Personally, I picked up several to smoke over the next few weeks. For a big cigar the price is right. This is a good first cigar for the BG Meyers brand, and it should be interesting to see what comes out in the future.


Pairing: A peaty Islay single malt such as a Lagavulin 16 or Laphroig Quarter Cask pairs extremely well with the BG Meyer Standard Issue.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)

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