Cigar Review: Laranja Reserva by Espinosa Cigars

Cigar Review: Laranja Reserva by Espinosa Cigars

Espinosa Cigars
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Brazil
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 5 3/4 x 46
Strength: medium bodied
Price: $8.50


Overall Rating: 9.3

Erik Espinosa has been making cigars for some time now, but outside of Florida his cigars haven’t caught on the way they should. The new Laranja should change all that. It is a cigar with a lot going for it. With a it’s full flavor and medium body, the Laranja is a cigar that is sure to win over cigar enthusiasts to the Espinosa brand. This is definitely Erik’s best cigar release to date.


Pre-Light: The Laranja has a beautiful band that carries on the orange them while still looking something like an Espinosa cigar. For a wrapper leaf from Brazil there is a very light color to the tobacco. There are several prominent veins to the wrapper leaf, but they do not hurt the smoking experience.


There is a sweet hay aroma to the Laranja. Off the unlit foot of the Laranga there is a sweet honeybell orange and grass scent that is quite different.


Burn: The burn on the Laranga by Espinosa Cigars is even from beginning to end. A great easy draw lets through a good amount of smoke.


Flavor: The begins with flavors of strong cedar, slight citrus and something that I can only describe as Mexican queso that is quite unique. Maybe I’ve been in Texas too long, but there is a distinct creaminess that is almost cheesy in nature with a jalepeno note in the background. There is a white pepper to the retrohale of the Laranja during the first third of the cigar. As the cigar burns into the second third a pronounced mixed citrus flavor makes an appearance and joins mellow cedar, hay and agave nectar. The orange citrus begins to enter into the retrohale as the cigar as the white pepper dies down a little. At the transition to the final third there is a mix of lemon and orange citrus, cedar, green pepper, hay and sweet spice.


Overall: Erik Espinosa has been producing some very good cigars out of his La Zona factory, but the new Laranja is by far the best yet. This could be a breakout moment for Erik. The Laranja has a lot going for it; full flavor, great draw, even burn and even great packaging. The Laranja is full flavored enough to please the most avid cigar aficiando, but mild enough for those looking to step up the cigars they smoke. Personally I really enjoyed the Laranja, and will be adding it by the box to my locker at my local brick and mortar shop. Of all the sizes I found the Corona Gorda to be the one that allows the flavors to really stand out.


On a side note: In all the time I’ve known Erik Espinosa the only word that can adiquetly describe him is “interesting”. He may be the only person who mispronounces the name of his own cigar. He pronounces the name La-ranj instead of La-ran-ha. Maybe he thinks he French. When you say the name comes for the Portugese word for orange, then you should probably say it the way the Portugesse do. Still, I guess you can’t really mispronounce something you created. Who knows?

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)