Cigar Reviews: Viaje Cache (Both Versions)

Cigar Reviews: Viaje Cache (Both Versions)

Viaje Cigars
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Mexico (San Andres)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 5″ x 52
Strength: medium bodied
Price: $10.55 MSRP

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Overall Rating (Rounded): 8.9
Overall Rating (Box-Pressed): 8.6

Viaje released several new impressive cigars at this year’s IPCPR Trade Show in Las Vegas (see my earlier Viaje Satori and Viaje Collaboration 2014 reviews), and the Cache is yet another good cigar to add to the list. There are actually two version of the Cache; the rounded one at the top of the box and a box pressed version hidden at the bottom of the box. Rather than write up each cigar in seperate reviews, it seemed to make more sense to combine both into a single post.


Pre-Light:A barnyard aroma comes from the unlit wrapper of the Viaje Cache. The box pressed version has a closed foot so it is hard to detect any scent from it, but the rounded version has a sweet chocolatey smell to the foot. On the cold draw of both cigars a earthy sweetness comes through.


Burn: The Viaje Cache has a phenomenal draw. The Cache is a fairly even burning cigar that holds its ash quite well.


Flavor (Rounded): The rounded version of the Cache begins with some white pepper that is especially strong on the retrohale. Early in the first third of the cigar an earthiness develops that continues on throughout the length of the cigar. There is a slight background note of chocolate during the first two thirds of the cigar. At the transition to the second third roasted nuts, oak, cinnamon and oatmeal notes linger behind the earthiness that dominates this cigar. In the final third of the Cache the background note of chocolate comes to the forefront while earth, roasted nuts and creamy cappucino remain  in the background.


Flavor (Box-Pressed): The box pressed version of the Cache begins with sweet chocolate flavors. On the retrohale there is a good deal of chocolatey sweetness. There are slight hints of hay, oak and hazelnut to the first third of the Cache. At the transition to the second third the sweet chocolate gives way to a powdered cocoa flavor. Hazelnut, almonds, mild espresso and oak remain in the background during the second third of the cigar. The final third sees the earthiness mix with chocolate in quite a pleasing fashion with hints of hazelnut and oak in the background.


Overall: The Viaje Cache is an interesting concept. The hidden stash of box-pressed cigars at the bottom of the box is pretty cool. There are some distinct differences to the two versions of the cigar. The rounded version is just a tad stronger with an earthy backbone to the flavor profile. A sweeter chocolate flavor dominates the box pressed version of the Cache. While both are good cigars, I find the rounded Cache a bit more to my tastes. Personally, I will be adding the rounded version of the Cache to my humidor while they are available. Fans of Viaje cigars will be pleased with the Cache, and it won’t be on store shelves for very long.


Pairing: Both versions of the Cache will pair quite well with a peaty single malt from the islands. My personal choice for pairing with the Viaje Cache is an Ardbeg 10 or Laphroig Quarter Cask. Other single malts worth trying are the Lagavulin 16 and Bowmore Legend.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)