Cigar Review: Joel Sherman 75th Celebration by Nat Sherman

Cigar Review: Joel Sherman 75th Celebration by Nat Sherman

Nat Sherman Cigars
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuador (Connecticut)
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Size: 7 1/2” x 46
Strength: mild-medium to medium
Price: $19.99

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Overall Rating: 9.1

Joel Sherman is one of those men in the cigar industry that you can’t help but like. Few people have been around and seen as much of the cigar world as Joel Sherman. As the son of legendary tobacconist Nat Sherman celebrates his 75th year, it seems only appropriate that the company honor him with a cigar bearing his name. The Nat Sherman Joel Sherman 75th Celebration is a cigar worthy of carrying Joel’s name. It is a superbly constructed mild-medium bodied cigar that is full of flavor. Since it comes in boxes of ten, this is a great cigar to give as a gift to the mild cigar smoker.


Pre-Light: A veiny and somewhat bumpy Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper covers the Joel Sherman 75th Celebration. The duel band on the Joel Sherman is different than on any of the other Nat Sherman cigars, but there is still a classy timelessness to the look that fits perfectly with the Nat Sherman reputation.

Sweet natural tobacco and cinnamon scents can be noticed from the wrapper of the Joel Sherman 75th. The unlit foot of the cigar has a wonderful vanilla aroma to it. On the cold draw there is a french vanilla that comes through quite easily.


Burn: The burn on the Joel Sherman 75th Celebration is near razor sharp during the first two thirds of the cigar. During the final third the burn can be a little less even than perfect, but needs absolutely no correcting from a lighter. The draw is fairly easy and let’s through a lot of flavorful smoke.


Flavor: The Nat Sherman Joel Sherman 75th Celebration begins with some peanuts, oak and leather flavors. On the retrohale there is an interest lemon citrus note. As the first third develops there is a mixture of peanuts, hay, oak, leather and just a slight hint of pepper. At the transition to the to the second third there is a buttery creaminess that mixes with a french vanilla ice cream flavor. There is a mix of peanuts, hay, leather, lemon citrus and mild cedar that remains just behind the vanilla. During the transition to the final third, there is a significant change in the flavors of the Joel Sherman 75th. Leather, cedar and cinnamon come to the forefront, while hay and mild pepper remain in the background. Some coffee flavor and significant amounts of white pepper join the final leather, cinnamon and cedar in the final few inches of the cigar.


Overall: I’ve been a big fan of the Michael Herklots era Nat Sherman. (Check out my earlier Timeless 660 and Sterling reviews.) I expected the Joel Sherman 75th Celebration to be good, but I’ve learned not to get my hopes up with limited edition cigars lately. Instead I was blown away by this flavorful mild-medium bodied cigar. There is a great mix of peanut, leather, cream,  vanilla, cinnamon and mild pepper flavors. This is another superior cigar from Nat Sherman. Personally, I have a box of the Joel Sherman 75th Celebration aging in my locker. If you’re celebrating a special occasion the Joel Sherman is a cigar that can be enjoyed by both novice or seasoned cigar enthusiast. The is a great cigar to give as a gift to the mild cigar smoker.


Pairing: The Nat Sherman Joel Sherman 75th Celebration is one of those cigars that pairs wonderfully with just about whatever your drinking. A glass of sparkling water really lets the full flavor of the cigar shine, and is what I drink when reviewing cigars.


On a side note: Joel Sherman wrote the book Nat Sherman’s A Passion for Cigars back in 1996. That book is one of the better books written on cigars, and is my personal favorite. Written during the “cigar boom”, it is a little dated but is still a great non-technical overview of the cigar industry. Recently, I saw that the book was rereleased on the Amazon Kindle as an ebook. For the beginner just getting into history and culture of cigars Nat Sherman’s A Passion for Cigars by Joel Sherman is must read.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)