ToastedFoot’s Top Ten Cigars of 2014

ToastedFoot’s Top Ten Cigars of 2014

Another year has passed and it has become time to look back and reflect on the past year. For us at ToastedFoot it has been an exciting year filled with many changes. Jonathan David and Willy Styl merged their sites to create a bigger and better ToastedFoot, we’ve reviewed more cigars than ever before and seen many exciting new releases hit store shelves. All of us at ToastedFoot hope to bring even more new reviews and features to the site in the coming year. But, before we get involved with the future let’s take one last look back at the past…

Our annual Top Ten list is probably the hardest post for us to write every year. Each year we smoke so many cigars that it hard to pick just ten to include in the list. In order to make the list the cigar must have been reviewed by in the last year. There are always great cigars we smoke that unfortunately never make the list because they were smoked in our free time or were not published before the deadline.


This year’s list was more of a collaborative effort than in the past. Although JD handled most of the reviewing for the year while Willy took care of the back office stuff, the final rankings for the list (and what will appear on our honorable mention list) were agreed upon by both JD & Willy. Cigars 2-5 were so close that it was hard to rank them in a particular order. Our number one was

As in previous years, several factors went into the rankings on our list:
1) Original Score
2) Impressions beyond the original review
3) How often we wanted to (or did) smoke the cigar outside of the review
4) The list is entirely subjective and based on our impressions of the cigars

10) Joel Sherman 75th Celebration by Nat Sherman
Created to celebrate the 75th birthday of Joel Sherman, the son of the legendary tobacconist Nat Sherman. The Michael Herklots era of Nat Sherman has seen many great cigar releases, but the Joel Sherman 75th Celebration stands a bit above the rest. A man like Joel deserves his name on a really great cigar, and this is a really great medium bodied cigar worthy of his name. <Click Here to Buy this Cigar>


9) Cordoba & Morales 19th Hole
If there was one brand that JD would not shut up about this year it would be Cordoba & Morales. It is a boutique company that make some really great cigars. Every cigar they’ve made so far has been great, yet the 19th Hole was just a cut above the rest. If you ever find this cigar at your local brick and mortar retailer make sure to pick it up.


8) Caldwell Long Live the King Lancero
Robert Caldwell is an interesting character, and his new line of cigars are just as interesting. His company seems to be one of the real standouts of 2014. They make use of some very unique tobaccos. The Long Live the King makes amazing use of Dominican Corojo tobacco, and the lancero size lets the flavors really shine. If there’s one lancero worth smoking this year it is definitely this one.


7) Viaje Collaboration 2014
The collaboration between Viaje and Casa Fernandez was one of many Viaje releases this year, but it was the one that really stood out. Everyone we talked to who smoked the Collaboration thought it was a phenomenal cigar, and we have to agree. The Viaje Collaboration 2014 is supposed to be the first of several collaborations with other cigar makers, and we look forward to trying the future cigars in the line. <Click Here to Buy this Cigar>


6) Headley Grange Laguito No. 6 by Crowned Heads
We have a general rule of thumb here at ToastedFoot that we don’t review cigars a second time in another size. The Headley Grange from Crowned Heads is one of those special cigars that deserved to be reviewed twice. Willy’s original Estupendo review gave the Headley Grange high marks, but there was a drastic difference in JD’s opinion of the Laguito that it needed to be given a second look. The Laguito size seemed to be the perfect fit for the Headley Grange blend. Throughout 2014, JD seemed to be unable to put this cigar down. <Click Here to Buy this Cigar>


5) Eiroa 654
When Christian Eiroa released the Eiroa by CLE Cigars, we all agreed this was the cigar he should’ve launched his post-Camacho endeavor with. Especially in the 654 size, the Eiroa is one of the most complex cigars we’ve smoked all year. This was a cigar that JD could not put down all year. There is such a singular characteristic to the flavor and the aroma of the Eiroa that is has to be tried to really understand what makes it so special.

Eiroa 654 TF3a

4) MBombay Kesara Pyramid
MBombay is another real success story from 2014. It seems to be the brand that people are all justifiably raving about right now. Blended by owner Mel Shah, the MBombay Kesara Pyramid is a beautiful looking cigar that is packed with flavor. If you’re looking for a good introduction to the brand the Kesara is the cigar to smoke. Few new brands have burst onto the scene and impressed us as much as MBombay.


3) La Palina Mr. Sam Corona
Bill Paley’s La Palina brand is no stranger to our annual Top Ten List. In 2012, the La Palina Goldie Laguito No 2 filled the number one spot on our list of Top Ten Cigars of 2012. This year the Mr. Sam was in the running number one spot.  Yes, we know we reviewed the cigar in a toro size, but we put the corona because in subsequent smokings it impressed even more than the toro. <Click Here to Buy this Cigar>

La Palina Mr Sam 1a

2) Laranja Reserva by Espinosa
Erik Espinosa has always been a good friend to us here ToastedFoot, so we tend to give him a little bit of a hard time, but he does make some great cigars out of his La Zona factory in Esteli. This year the Laranja Reserva was a cigar that really impressed both JD & Willy, and both agreed instantly that it was Top Ten material. When Erik first brought these by Smoke Inn Cigars in Boyton, Willy had to phone JD to tell him how amazing the cigar was. When JD finally had some shipped he had to agree. There was never any doubt the Laranja Reserva would make our list. Everything about this cigar seems just right. (Well, except the way Erik pronounces the name of it.) <Click Here to Buy this Cigar>


1) La Aroma de Cuba Noblesse
The La Aroma de Cuba Noblesse is the first limited edition release from Ashton, and we hesitate to put a hard to find limited edition in our number on spot (although we’ve done it in the past). However, the La Aroma de Cuba Noblesse was definitely the best cigar we reviewed so far this year. No contest. Originally when JD received one of the Noblesse following the IPCPR from his buddy Jorge he tried to take notes and start writing a review, but instead he had to just sit back and enjoy the flavor and complexity of the cigar. Made at the My Father Cigar Factory, the Noblesse is medium bodied and full of sweetness. The Noblesse was our highest scoring cigar all year. It’s a must try cigar that is well worth the price. <Click Here to Buy this Cigar>



So there is our list for 2014. We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions. What did you think the best cigar you smoked this year was? Our honorable mention list and our list of the most fascinating people of the year will be appearing soon, so don’t forget to check back. Before we go we’d like to wish all of our readers a very happy holidays and all the best in the new year.