Cigar Review: Illusione Pactum (Smoke Inn Mircoblend)

Cigar Review: Illusione Pactum (Smoke Inn Mircoblend)

Illusione / Smoke Inn Cigars
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Mexico (San Andreas)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 5 1/2” x 56
Strength: full bodied
Price: $8.95

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Overall Rating: 9.2

Smoke Inn’s latest edition to its Microblend Series is also one of its most limited, with only 400 total boxes being released. Only 400 boxes are being made for this series starting with a release of 200 boxes in December and 200 in January, 2015. The idea of a collaboration between Dion and Abe is one that was exciting, and has yielded a result that meetings both men’s exacting standards. Lightly box pressed and packed with meaty flavors, the Pactum is a Microblend that stands out against even the rest of the great series from Smoke Inn. This is a full bodied and flavored cigar that should age quite well.


Pre-Light: This newest edition to the Smoke Inn Microblend is a good looking little cigar. The Pactum is short, squat and box pressed. The Illusione Pactum has a San Andreas wrapper that is dry to the touch. The cigar feels a bit firm to the touch. A deep blue Illusione style band pops against the rich darkness of the Pactum.


There is a very different chocolate brownie aroma to the wrapper of the Pactum. Due to a covered foot, the foot has the same brownie scent as the wrapper. The cold draw is fairly easy and allows through chocolate, coffee and a mild pepperiness.


Burn: The burn on the Pactum is razor sharp throughout most of the cigar. A beautiful white ash clings firmly to the cigar. The draw is smooth and easy, and lets through a good deal of heavy flavorful smoke. A pleasing musky aroma mixes with some chocolate brownie scents that come from the smoke of the Illusione Pactum.


Flavor: The Pactum begins with a big chewy meatiness that calls to mind images of a New York Strip. Some subtle powdered cocoa, roasted almonds and leather. On the retrohale there is a mix of cocoa and pepper. As the second third of the cigar begins, the meaty flavor continues to dominate the flavor profile. There are notes of powdered cocoa, redwood, pepper and leather. By the halfway point, there is a very subtle herbal spice that mixes with the pepper on the retrohale. Just past the halfway point of the cigar a chocolate brownie flavor begins to take over, mixing well with the almond and wood notes. The transition to the final third sees herbal spice and subtle red pepper mix with the chocolatey/meaty flavor profile of the Illusione Pactum. This is a cigar that should only get better with age.


Overall: The Illusione Pactum is one of the most impressive of any Smoke Inn Microblends. It is certain to be remembered and spoken of in the same way as the El Hijo or Big Delicious. Short, squat, strong but nice, powerful, classy but unpretentious and very unique; the Pactum is much like the cigar version of Smoke Inn’s Abe Dabahneh. Like Abe himself this cigar is a limited edition. Due to its very limited production, the Illusione Pactum will be one of those cigars that will unfortunately disappear quite quickly. Personally, I really enjoyed the mixture of strength and flavor that the Pactum delivers. I have a couple boxes coming to ad to my personal collection. This is one that is definitely worth getting your hands on.


Pairing: A cappuccino or strong coffee pairs extremely well with the Illusione Pactum from Smoke Inn. For those looking for something a bit stronger, a glass of cask strength scotch such as the Glenfarclas 105 or Aberlour A’bunadh will do the trick. This is also one of those cigars that will compliment a strong Cabernet or Shiraz along with a steak dinner.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)