Cigar Review: Fratello H-Town Lancero

Cigar Review: Fratello H-Town Lancero

Fratello Cigars / Stogies of Houston
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Ecuador (Sumatra)
Filler: Peru
Size: 7” x 38
Strength: mild-medium to medium
Price: $8.50

Overall Rating: 9.1

Between Jorge Ahued and Willy Style, I have rediscovered a love of lancero cigars. I still like my larger churchills and 6” x 58s, but I am smoking more and more lanceros due in large part to the awesomeness of the H-Town series. It seems with each successive release in the H-Town series the cigars just keep getting better. The new Fratello Lancero is even better than the previous two releases (the Room 101 Namakubi Ecuador and the Alec Bradley Nica Puro). Full flavored and medium bodied, the Fratello H-Town Lancero is a great cigar.


Pre-Light: The Fratello H-Town Lancero is a beautiful looking lancero with a light brown wrapper and slight pigtail cap. Like all H-Town Lanceros there is a secondary band with the word “H-Town” on it that fits the theme of the traditional Fratello band perfectly. (Note: Although, the cigars smoked for this review lacked the secondary band it will be on the cigars that hit Stogies store shelves.)


There is a barnyard aroma to the wrapper of the newest H-Town Lancero. From the unlit foot of the cigar there is a very sweet mix of natural tobacco, chocolate brownie and coffee scents. The cold draw is a little tight, but allows through flavors of sweet natural tobacco, dried fruit and just a hint of spice.


Burn: The burn on the Fratello H-Town Lancero is very sharp from beginning to end. The construction on the new H-Town is top notch. The ash clings extremely well to this little cigar. An easy draw lets through a good deal of flavorful smoke.


Flavor: The beginnings of the Fratello H-Town starts with off quickly with dry wood flavors. The retrohale produces a noticeable mixture of white pepper and spice that is quite enjoyable. As the cigar continues on a subtle peanut butter flavor joins the existing wood and mild white pepper. There is an interesting mix of salted peanuts and New York City Pretzels that begins to occur in the second third of the cigar. The spice and white pepper continues to remain in the background just behind the peanut and pretzel flavors. In the final third of the Fratello H-Town Lancero there is a complex mix of coffee, soft pretzel, peanuts, wood and mild pepper. There is a wonderful complexity to the flavor profile of the Fratello H-Town.


Overall: With each new release in the H-Town series, I become more and more impressed. The Fratello H-Town Lancero is a full flavored medium bodied cigar with a unique mix of pretzel, peanut, wood, coffee, pepper and spice flavors. The construction is extremely top notch. Personally, I really enjoyed the Fratello H-Town Lancero. It’s a complex cigar that has all the characteristics of something that will age quite well. I plan on picking up a box and adding it to my locker at Stogies. Like all cigars in the H-Town series, the Fratello H-Town Lancero is a limited production cigar so I would stock up while they’re available.


Pairing: Coffee, cappuccino or espresso are by far the best choices for pairing with the new H-Town Lancero. A pot of Fratello coffee is the best choice to pair with the Fratello H-Town Lancero.


On a side note: Friday February 6th there will be a Fratello H-Town  Lancero release event at Stogies World Class Cigars on Westheimer (next to The Palm). I will be there personally to talk cigars with our readers. I’m very proud to announce that Stogies World Class Cigars is now a ToastedFoot advertiser. (If you order online use the discount code TF10 at checkout.) They have been a great supporter of this site, and we are proud to have then on board. If not for Jorge, I may not be the co-editor of ToastedFoot today. He sold me my very first cigar years ago when Stogies was a very small shop next to The Palm. It’s something I will always be grateful for, although we in no way let it affect my reviews of their cigars.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)

Cigars for this review were provided by Jorge Ahued of Stogies World Class Cigars in Houston, Texas. Although the cigars for this review lacked the secondary H-Town band they are the same as the actual release, and not “pre-release” cigars. The generosity of Stogies is greatly appreciated, but it in no way alters the review of this cigar. At ToastedFoot we remain committed to providing the most impartial cigar reviews to our readers.