What’s In Your Humidor: Jonathan David & Willy Styl (co-editors of ToastedFoot)

What’s In Your Humidor: Jonathan David & Willy Styl (co-editors of ToastedFoot)

Back in the old days of ToastedFoot there was a feature called “What’s in Your Humidor” that was a big hit with ToastedFoot’s readers. For some time we’ve wanted to bring it back to the site, but we wanted to make sure it was done properly in a way that honored the original while bring in a sense of the new ToastedFoot style. The new “What’s in Your Humidor” feature will feature a peek inside of the humidors of the manufacturers, bloggers, shop employees and personalities that make the cigar world what it is. To kick off the new version of this feature we thought we’d give you a look into the humidors of your humble (Willy) and not-so-humble (Jonathan David) ToastedFoot reviewers. So without further ado…


What’s in your humidor?

JD: I’d like to say that it is a great honor to be be part of ToastedFoot. My co-editor, Willy Styl has done a great job in creating a brand that has a great history and a bright future. 

When it comes to humidors… Which one? There’s my aging/collection humidor, the ToastedFoot review humidor, my personal stash and my everyday sticks. So, I’ll just mention the cigars that come to mind first.

My aging humidor is a Prometheus 1997 LE Monte Cristo humidor (#100/100) that I got from my “Uncle” Jeff. I keep old Dunhill Cabreras (the first stick I ever smoked), the Navarre Aramis, all the limited Davidoff’s released since 2009 (I love me some Davidoff cigars), the Zino Make of LA., a La Jugada Nunchuck, the original Chinnock Terroir, one Tatuaje 2011 TAA, some Tatuaje 2014 TAA, MBombay Mora, a couple Byrons, a handful of Crowned Heads Angel’s Anvil 2014 TAAs and several Cuban Por Laranagas in that humidor. There’s a mixed group of other limited cigars also in that humidor.

The ToastedFoot humidor is a LE Lotus that was a gift from my little sister and is filled with whatever I’m planning on reviewing in the next month (either stuff I pick up and samples).

I have a locker at Stogie World Class Cigars in Houston where I’ve got boxes (or what’s left of boxes) of Opus X Perfection A, Zino Make of Texas, Nat Sherman Joel Sherman, Caldwell King is Dead, EP Carrillo La Historia, 2011 Sencillo Black, Southern Draw Kudzu, My Father La Antiguedad, Crux Bull & Bear, a signed box of Leccia Luchador Loco Perfecto, a dress box of Tatuaje Jekylls, and some very old Ambos Mundos. I also have a full set of Ortega Wild Bunch there.

My personal stash has whatever I’ve liked over the past few years and is generally made up of sticks under $10-$12. Right now, there’s a lot of Espinosa Habanos, the 601 La Bomba Bunker Busters, Illusione Pactum, La Aroma de Cuba El Jefe and Headley Grange Laguitos.

I also keep the Zino 10th Anniversary travel humidor in my car for road trips that has some Camachos, Casa Magnas, Crux and Tatuaje cigars.


Willy:  JD,  first let me complement you on everything you’ve done since becoming a partner at Toastedfoot, including deciding to bring this feature back.  I’m looking forward to seeing this it grow.

I have several humidors as well so I’ll give a brief synopsis by humidor :

My main humidor is the “Treasure Dome”. The bottom of it has my Lancero collection which is a diverse assortment of sticks including Quesada Espanas, CyB Lanceros, DE L40’s, old Label DPG blues to name a few.  One stick I’m really excited about is a 7 year old ETB Redemption Lancero rolled by Maria Serra and gifted to me by Sandy Cobas. That cigar is special to me and I’m looking forward to having an occasion to burn it. Their are also some oddball rarities in there such as the Padron SI15, LP Velvet Rat, and some Piggies. The top shelves have assorted daily smokes for easy access. Nothing too crazy.

My second humidor, which was also my first humidor, is now my aging humidor for Dominican smokes. In their you’ll find an assortment of Opus, Anejos, and some other Fuentes. I also have a nice stash of LG Diez by La Flor Dominicana. My favorites in there are the OR LG Diez Chisel. They smoke wonderfully now! Possibly by favorite Dominican cigar.

I have a third humidor that has oddballs and extras that needed a home. Some older Viaje, some Ortega’s, and some sticks I meant to review but never got around to it.

Finally, there’s my coolerdor. I use this for aging and collecting principally. There’s a bunch of old and some not so old Tatuaje, including Red and Black Tubos and old Black labels, Anarchy’s, Cojetes, TAA’s from 2012 and some others. Ive got a box of each La Palina Goldie releases and the OR Mr. Sam‘s. There’s what’s left of my OR EPC Short Runs in there. There’s an OR release box of DE Dirty Rats and a box of UF-13’s. There a full set of the Ortega Wild Bunch aging in there. I also have my ISOM’s buried in there.

Are there any interesting cigars that you’re smoking for review right now?

JD: The Cordoba & Morales Family Blend Lancero. I think they may great cigars. So far, they haven’t made one I don’t like. There’s a couple new cigars in the Stogies H-Town Series from Fratello and La Palina that I’m looking forward to. In the pipeline I have the new Camacho Ditka, Roberto P. Duran, the Zino Make of Texas and some cigars from La Palina, Nomad, Room 101 and La Flor Dominicana.

Willy:  As you know, and most of our readers I’m sure have noticed, I have been on a bit of a hiatus from reviewing. Career and family issues have made it tough on me. I’m trying to get things back in balance to ramp up my reviews again. I have been sitting on a cigar called “My Way” that was a small batch cigar blended by Sandy at El Titan de Bronze. I’m down to my last two and I’m itching to review them.


What are you smoking on your own time when you’re not writing a review?

JD: It changes for me depending on my mood and what I can find my local shop. I’ve got a good deal of the Ortega Wild Bunch Honest Abe and the Southern Draw Firethorn. The Smoke Inn MicroBlend 601 Bunker Buster, Leccia Luchador, Hammer & Sickle Berlin Wall, Room 101 Daruma, Nat Sherman Timeless, Casa Magna Colorado, Sencillo Black and the Caldwell King are all fixtures in my humidor right now.

Willy: I have a pretty consistent group of regulars these days.  Padron 64 Exclusivos, Padron 2000’s, Tatuaje Noellas, La Jugada Habano’s, and Ortega Serie D make up my regular rotation.

What are some of your favorite cigars of all-time?

JD: There’s so many good cigars out there. If had to choose several favorites I’d say: The Davidoff Selecion 702, the Paul Garmirian 15th Anniversary Celebration (the 9 inch version), Davidoff Puro D’Oro Gigantes, MBombay Mora Toro, La Aurora Preferidos Ruby Tubo and La Aroma de Cuba Noblesse. I’m also a huge fan of the Cuban Por Laranaga, and since no one really smokes them in the U.S. you don’t see a lot of fakes out there.

Willy:  Padron 85 Maduro and the La Palina Goldie Laguito #2, they are completely different cigars but they are both complex and full of flavor. Definitely my favorite two cigars over the 7 years I’ve been cigar enthusiast.

That does it for our initial What’s In Your Humidor? feature. We hope you enjoyed it.