What’s In Your Humidor?: William Cooper (CigarCoop.com, Stogie Geeks & CMA President)

What’s In Your Humidor?: William Cooper (CigarCoop.com, Stogie Geeks & CMA President)

William Cooper is one of the stars of online cigar media. Know as Cigar Coop, his site personal site cigar-coop.com publishes cigar news, reviews and miscellaneous cigar industry happenings. Coop’s site is the place to go for cigar news (his news feed has been picked up by CigarDojo.com). You can also find Coop on the StogiesGeeks.com podcast and serving as the current President (and a founding member) of the Cigar Media Association. Coop is a good friend to both JD and Willy, and is one of the true gentlemen of the cigar industry. 


What’s in your humidor?

Quite a bit. It’s a mix of personal favorites and cigars I am assessing for manufacturers.  In terms of my favorite brands you will find Padrón, La Palina, Davidoff, Avo, Tatuauje, Debonaire, Viaje, and Espinosa as my staples.  Always guaranteed to stash away some La Aurora Cien Anos Maduros, Padron Family Reserves, Avo Limited Editions, and Fuente Anejos

How many humidors and what size do you own?

I use smaller humidors.  They are 75 count ones.  I have 5 of those.  I also have three lockers in cigar lounges, and a cool-idor for overflow.

Is there anything interesting your smoking right now for your site?

Right now heavy into the post IPCPR. Some are show samples, but there are some personal purchases in there.  I’m finishing up the reviews of the Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters and about to tackle the new Padrón Family Reserve No. 50


How many cigars do you smoke when writing a review?

Usually 2.  There are some cases I will go to three, but usually not over that.  In cases where product is limited, I will smoke one if that is all that is available.

How many cigars do you smoke in a typical day?

Two to three.

What are some of your all time favorites?

La Aurora Cien Anos Maduro, La Palina Goldie Laguito No.2, Fuente Anejo (all sizes), Padron 1926 and most Family Reserves.

Is there anything coming up on Cigar-Coop.com, Stogie Geeks or with the Cigar Media Association that you think our readers would find interesting?

At the end of the year will be the Cigar Coop Top 30 countdown where I countdown my Top 30 new releases for 2014.  Stogie Geeks has recently introduced a pairing feature.  Stogie Geeks is planning a big 3 year anniversary show on November 14th and we will be showcasing Cigar Rights. As for the Cigar Media Association, we may have a surprise coming up in the near future.

Check out Coop Online:
Cigar Coop: cigar-coop.com
Stogie Geeks: stogiegeeks.com
Twitter: @Cigar_Coop