Cigar Review: Cubanacan Habano Rothchilds

Cigar Review: Cubanacan Habano Rothchilds

Cubanacan Cigars
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuador (Habano)
Binder: Ecuador
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 5″ x 50
Strength: mild-medium to medium
Price: $5.75

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Overall Rating: 8.9

Cubanacan is still a relatively new boutique company, but is fast gaining traction with serious cigar enthusiasts. In 2006, the company began growing their own tobacco in Esteli and Jalapa, Nicaragua. Not long after, the founded their factory with just five pairs of rollers. Cubanacan means “where fertile land is abundant” and it is from the fertile Nicaraguan soil that some of Cubanacan’s tobacco gains their signature flavor. With the Cubanacan Habano Rothchilds, the company has managed to produce a complex medium bodied cigar at a very reasonable price.


Pre-Light: The Cubanacan Habano Rothschild is a fantastic looking little cigar. A milk chocolate colored wrapper looks extremely appetizing against the white and metallic red Cubanacan band.   The cigar is firm to the touch, and there is a pleasing oily sheen to the wrapper.


There is an aroma and leather to the Ecuadorian wrapper of the Cubanacan Habano. Off the unlit foot there is the subtle scent of sweet raisins. The pre-light draw is very firm, but still allows through slight flavors of raisins and grass.


Burn: The draw is a bit on the firm side (and doesn’t loosen up much during smoking), but despite this it allows through a lot of flavor and a fair amount of smoke. The burn on the Cubanacan Rothschild fairly sharp from start to finish, and never required correcting from a lighter.


Flavor: The Cubanacan Habano Rothchild begins with a unique creamy mixture of cedar, hay and subtle spice. There is a slight black pepper note that remains faintly in the background throughout the first third of the cigar. Once the Cubanacan Habano gets going there is a blend of hay, cedar, leather, oak and mild spice. As the cigar transitions to its second third, there is a fair amount of development to the flavor. There is a distinct coffee flavor that joins the flavors from the first third. On the retrohale there is a creamy mix of leather and cedar. By the halfway point, there is an herbal character to the spice present in the Cubanacan Habano. As the final third begins, the cedar, coffee and spice come to the forefront of the flavor profile. There is a smoothness to the interplay of flavors. Coffee, cedar, spice, mild pepper, leather, hay, herbs and grass are all present in the last third of the cigar. The Cubanacan Habano is a very complex cigar.


Overall: The Cubanacan Habano is a very flavorful cigar, filled with a wonderful complexity to it. There’s a great mix cedar, leather, spice, pepper, coffee and herbs to the flavor profile of the Cubanacan Habano that makes it pleasure to smoke. It’s a solid medium bodied cigar that serves as a great introduction to the Cubanacan brand. Personally, I found the Cubanacan to be a great overall. It had great flavor and complexity, but the tight draw was a bit of a distraction. Still, the flavor and complexity is enough that I will definitely be smoking it again. Although we never take price into consideration during review, at under $6.00, the Cubanacan Habanos Rothchilds is a great bargain priced cigar. For those who don’t mind the draw, the Cubanacan Habano makes a great everyday cigar.


Pairing: When I smoke cigars for review, it is generally with sparkling water. I find this cleanses the palette in a way that allows for the best appreciation of the cigar’s flavor. The Cubanacan is a great cigar for the novice cigar enthusiast to try this method. However, if you’re looking for something else to pair with the Cubanacan, a cappuccino or espresso is an excellent choice. Some red wines, such as a Pinot Noir or Merlot will pair nicely with the Cubanacan Habano.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)

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