Cigar Review: Mason Dixon Project North Edition by Crowned Heads

Cigar Review: Mason Dixon Project North Edition by Crowned Heads

Crowned Heads Cigars
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: USA (Connecticut Broadleaf)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 6” x 52
Strength: medium-full
Price: $9.85 MSRP

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Overall Rating: 8.8

The guys at Crowned Heads are on a roll; they picked up awards left and right last year. They had a cigar in our own Top Ten of 2014 (the Headley Grange Laguito), had numerous Cigar of the Year awards and were named Brand of the Year by the Cigar Media Association*. Their Mason Dxon Project consists of two limited edition cigars, one released in the Northern United States and the other in the South. The new Limited Edition Mason Dixion Project North is yet another strong release from this boutique brand. Medium-full to full bodied with a good deal of flavor and character and made at My Father Cigars in Nicaragua, this is a cigar that is sure to please fans of the Crowned Heads and those who’ve yet to be introduced their cigars. With a production of only 1,250 boxes the Mason Dixon Project North is well worth adding to your collection by the box while you still can.


Pre-Light: The Mason Dixon North has a slightly rough look to it. Several prominent veins run the length of the cigar deep brown wrapper. A simple black and gold band fits the Civil War theme well. There is a ruggedness about this cigar that makes it look like the type of cigar Sherman or Grant would have smoked when siting around telling war stories in there later years.


The Broadleaf wrapper on the Mason Dixon Project North has an aroma of earth and barnyard hay that call to mind images of dusty Civil War roads. Off the unlit foot a mixture of chocolate and earth scents are quite noticeable. The cold draw lets through a mixture of sweet earth, hay and chocolate.


Burn: The draw on the Mason Dixon Project North is just right. A slightly uneven burn needs a bit of correction from a lighter on every one out of four cigars.


Flavor: The Mason Dixon Project North begins with some significant amounts of pepper that is quite similar to other cigars that come from the My Father Factory. Hidden just behind the pepperiness of the cigar are notes of espresso and powdered cocoa. The pepper begins to fade slightly as a sweetness becomes more prevalent during the transition to the second third, while the flavors of espresso and cocoa become more prominent. There is a slight note of roasted almonds at the halfway point, and subtle dark chocolate and barnyard hay notes also occur towards the end of the second third. On the retro, the pepper that has always been present begins to increase somewhat. The flavors remain consistent in the final third of the cigar, but become more with the espresso note becoming even more significant. Hints of grass, roasted nuts, earth, chocolate all join the espresso and powdered cocoa flavors.


Overall: The Mason Dixon Project North had me a little skeptical at first. Most of the time when companies release something on a regional basis the cigar is more gimmick than it is substance. However, the guys at Crowned Heads have proven several times now that they are the exception to that rule. Their release of state exclusive cigars such as Tennessee Waltz (Tennessee), Paniolo (Hawaii) and Yellow Rose (Texas) have proven that they can release regional cigars that are just as good (if not better) than their national releases. The Mason Dixon Project North just reinforces this fact. With a good deal espresso, cocoa, roasted nuts and pepper flavors, as well as just enough strength to give it a bit of kick, the Mason Dixon North is a cigar worthy of the winning side of the Civil War. Personally, I really enjoyed the Mason Dixon Project Cigars and have gone through two boxes of the North since their release (not to mention some of the South also). This limited edition cigar should age quite well, so it’s worth picking them up while they’re still available.


Pairing: I’ve found a strong cup of coffee or espresso pairs extremely well with this cigar. For those looking for something a bit stronger, I’d suggest a Hudson Small Batch a Baby Bourbon or Hudson single malt.


Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)

*Jonathan David serves as a Board Member of the Cigar Media Association. For more information visit them online at: