Cigar Review: MBombay Mora

Cigar Review: MBombay Mora

MBombay Cigars / Bombay Tobak
Country: Costa Rica
Wrapper: Dominican Republic
Binder: Ecuador
Filler: Dominican Republic, Peru & Ecuador
Strength: medium to medium-full

Average Rating: 9.2

Rarely do we ever review the same blend in multiple vitolas, unless there is something that warrants a later review of a different size. Yet, the MBombay Mora is such a wonderful cigar, that when Mel Shah of Bombay Tobak gave us the opportunity to try the entire MBombay line, it was readily apparent that this was a cigar of such complexity and quality that it deserved a little special treatment. So, for the first time ever we are reviewing each vitola in the line.


Since it’s launch last year, the MBombay brand has garnered a good deal of praise and press. Despite being a fairly young boutique brand, the quality and consistency of MBombay’s cigars is quite impressive. The MBombay Kesara Pyramid was even named the #4 Cigar of the Year in our Top Ten Cigars of 2014. More full bodied that the Kesara, the MBombay Mora is a flavorful medium-full bodied cigar with a complex array of unique flavors.


Mora Solomon – 6” x 58 – MSRP: $16.00 – Rating 9.2
The Mora Solomon begins with some sweet citrus noted of lemon and lime. There is a slight hint of banana that occurs before subsiding into cedar, oak, mild spice and grass. On the retrohale there is a mild herbal spice. The second third of the Mora Solomon builds on the first with the introduction of white pepper. There is a subtle meatiness mixed with cedar, oak, spice, hay and lemon citrus during the second third of the Mora Solomon. In the final third of the cigar the flavors from the second third continue to mix and mingle in different combinations through to the end of the cigar. The Mora Solomon is a fairly even burn. From start to finish the cigar is solidly medium bodied.

Mora No 4 – 5 1/8 “ x 44 – MSRP: $10.00 – Rating 9.4
The Mora No. 4 starts off with a unique blend of banana and sweet grass. There is a bit more spice and white pepper to the first third of this smaller ring gauge cigar. Cedar and spice begin to blend in a pleasant way with the banana flavor that starts off the cigar. The retrohale is mostly cedar and herbal spice, but there is just the slightest hint of fresh mint. In the second third the grassy note begins to become more prevalent, blending well with the existing cedar and herbal flavors. White and black pepper mingle together throughout the second half, and really compliments the sweeter flavors of cedar, grass, herbs and hay. During the transition to the final third there is a nuttiness, that along with a coffee note, joins the existing flavors. The final third is an enjoyable mix of cedar, nuts, spice, hay, mild coffee and pepper. The Mora No. 4 is a wonderfully complex little cigar with an even burn and a perfect draw.


Mora Torpedo No. 2 – 6” x 52 – MSRP: $14.00 – Rating 9.3
The Mora #2 begins with a pleasing blend of banana and hay. There is a fair amount of pepper and spice. As the cigar gets going there is some a mix of cedar and spice that begins really take shape. On the retrohale there is a mix of cedar and herbal spice. At the halfway point in the cigar there is a slight grassiness that joins the cedar and herbs that were already present. Throughout the second half of the Mora #2 there is a white and black pepper mix that compliments the cedar and hay flavors. In the final third there is a mix cedar, spice, nuts, pepper, hay and mild coffee. This is a complex cigar with a very even burn and a great draw. 9.3


Mora Robusto Larga – 4 1/2” x 54 – MSRP: 12.69 – Rating 8.9
The Mora Robusto begins with a burst salty spice that fades into flavors of wood and nuts. There is a wonderful mix of nuts, spice, oak, white pepper and lemon grass. On the retrohale there is a combination of nuts and coffee. At the transition to the second third of the Mora Robusto there is a lemon citrus note that occurs. Briefly a burst of dried herbs appears before quickly fades away into flavors of cedar, coffee, oak, nuts and hints of white pepper. In the final third of the cigar there a dominating coffee flavor that mixes with roasted nuts and oak. The draw is great on the Mora Robusto and lets through plenty of smoke. A fairly even burning cigar from start to finish, the Mora Robusto requires no correcting from a lighter.

Mora Toro – 6 1/2” x 52 – MSRP: $14.00 – Rating 9.4
The early shaggy foot of the Toro has a flavor of banana nut bread and natural tobacco. As the cigars gets going into the first third there is a slow build up in leather and spice flavors. There is an oak and grass flavor that occurs during the transition into the second third of the Mora. On the retrohale there is a mix of herbal spice, white pepper and cedar that is an amazing combination. During the second third of Mora Toro there is a dominant cedar and spice to the cigar with a slight floral flavor in the background. As the cigar transitions into the final third there is a lavender and grass that briefly appear before disappearing into spice, leather, pepper and cedar. The final inches of the Toro are a mix of leather, wood, spice, pepper and nuts. This is one had to put down cigar. The Mora Toro is an extremely even burning cigar with a perfect draw.


Mora 585 (Gordo) – 5” x 58 – MSRP: $13.00 – Rating 9.0
The Gordo begins with an instant burst of burning wood that quickly subsides into cedar, herbs and spice. The first third of the Mora Gordo features subtler flavor notes throughout than the other sizes of the MBombay Mora. There is a mixture of nuts, cedar, wheat toast and very mlld spice. On the retrohale there is a strong herbal spice and cedar mix that has a wonderful effect on the nose. During the transition to the second third there is a familiar banana note that occurs briefly before disappearing into leather, wood, nuts and just the slightest hint of cloves. At the transition to the final third of the cigar there is an odd bitterness that is noticeable for an instant. The final third of the Mora Gordo is dominated by wood, coffee and roasted almond flavors. The burn is fairly even throughout and requires no correcting from a lighter. It burns a bit hot towards the end and is a little hard to hold on to.


Mora Lancero – 8 1/2” x 38 – MSRP: $13.69 – Rating 9.1
There is a strong earthy natural tobacco beginning to the shaggy first inch after lighting up the Mora Lancero. Some background notes of nuts and dry hay occur before the burn line reaches the wrapper leaf. A wonderful tangy spice is present on the retrohale and on the palate during the first third of the cigar after the burn line passes the wrapper leaf. Just behind the tangy spice are notes of cedar, oak, grass and pine nuts. At the transition to the second third of the Mora Lancero there is an increase in spice while the tanginess disappears. A sharp increase in cedar, dogwood and leather flavors occurs during the second third of the Mora Lancero. During the transition to the final third of the cigar, the spice begins to dominate the flavor profile. In the final inches of the Mora Lancero there is a black pepper that begins to blend into the existing spice and cedar. Of all the cigars in the Mora line this is the most different, as far as flavor goes, but it is an impressive lancero filled with flavors of cedar and spice. The burn on the Mora Lancero is razor sharp. A good draw lets through a significant amount of smoke. The Mora Lancero does hold its ash fairly well, but it drops off with very little warning.


Overall Opinions: In any size, the MBombay Mora is a very complex cigar with some unique flavors. While it is an enjoyable cigar in any vitola, it is the Mora No. 4 that stands out slightly above the rest of the pack. It seems just the right size for this blend, and is my own personal favorite in the Mora line. The Mora No. 4 is a phenomenal cigar that is definitely worth trying when you get the chance. I found the Toro to also stand out slightly more than the other sizes. Possibly due to the larger ring gauges, I found the 585 and Robusto Larga to be slightly less complex than the smaller ring gauge cigars in the Mora line, but they are still great cigars by any standard. I would same this is a great medium-full bodied woodsy cigar, but it is much more than that. Personally, the MBombay Mora has quickly become one of my favorite cigars I’ve smoked this year. The Mora has all the hallmarks of a cigar that will age quite well.

Pairing: The MBombay Mora pairs extremely well with an aged sipping rum. The Kirk and Sweeney 12 is my personal favorite choice. Other sipping rums that are excellent choices include the Zafra 21, Ron Zacapa 23 and Papa’s Pilar Dark Rum. Some single malts such as the Aberlour A’bunadh, Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength, Balvenie 14 Caribbean Cask, Dalmore 18 and Dalmore Cigar Malt all pair wonderfully with the MBombay Mora in any vitola.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)

Cigars for this review were provided by our good friend Mel Shah of Bombay Tobak. Although his generosity is greatly appreciated, it in no way affects the way this cigar was reviewed our rated.  At ToastedFoot we remain committed to providing the best impartial cigar reviews around.