Cigar Review: La Aurora Puro Vintage 2006

Cigar Review: La Aurora Puro Vintage 2006

La Aurora Cigars
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Brazil
Filler: Nicaragua, Dominican Republic & Brazil
Size: 6 1/2″ x 52
Strength: medium
Price: $18.75

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Overall Rating: 8.6

La Aurora is the oldest continually operating cigar company, having been around since 1903, but too often the brand is forgotten about in the clamor to find the latest limited release from one of the many boutique companies being touted by bloggers. (Admittedly, we too are occasionally guilty of unconsciously doing this here.) Yet, La Aurora has continued to produce cigars of excellent quality and consistency. The Puro Vintage 2006, the fourth release of the La Aurora Puro Vintage Salomon, is a very good medium bodied cigar dominated by flavors of nuts, wood and pepper. It is a cigar that La Aurora fans will certainly find worth trying.


Pre-Light: There is a nice khaki colored wrapper to the La Aurora Puro Vintage’s Cameroon wrapper. The main band on the Puro Vintage 2006 looks much like the 2004, with a color change and new year being the only real changes. A white and black secondary 111th Anniversary band is calls attention to the long history of LA Aurora Cigars.


There is an oak and graham cracker aroma to the wrapper of the Puro Vintage 2006. Since the foot is so small, it is hard to pick up any distinct aromas from the foot alone.The cold draw allows through notes of nuts, spice and oak.


Burn: A phenomenal draw lets through copious amounts of flavorful smoke. The burn on the cigar is a bit uneven, but it never gets to the point where it needs correction from a lighter.


Flavor: There is a early salt and pepper character to the La Aurora Puro Vintage 2005 that is very different, but not at all unpleasant. A nuttiness begins to build in the background, and gets stronger throughout the first third of the Puro Vintage 2006 Salomon. Occasionally, notes of cedar and hay poke though before fading back into the background. On the retrohale, there is nuts and pepper in equal parts. A slight grassiness makes a brief appearance at the transition to the final third. Throughout the second third of the Puro Vintage 2006 there is a wonderful mix different nut flavors. At different moments during this part of the cigar there are flavors or peanut, walnuts and roasted almonds. There is still a fair amount of flavor through the second and final thirds of the cigar. During the last third of the cigar there is leather flavor blends in nicely with the already present pepper, nuts and cedar.


Overall: La Aurora’s Puro Vintage 2005 has a nice mix of flavor, and it is quite enjoyable. There is more complexity than past editions of the Puro Vintage cigars, but there is still a lack of real development to the flavor profile after the start of the second third. The pepper character is surprising in a cigar that is this aged. It is a cigar that La Aurora fans are certain to enjoy, and is a solidly medium bodied cigar. Personally, I have always been a bit partial to La Aurora, and I feel like they sometimes get forgotten in the clamor for the latest hot boutique brand. The Puro Vintage 2006 Salomon is a very nice medium bodied cigar that I find I enjoy right after a big meal of tortellini or other past dish. While in the same price range, I find the La Aurora Preferidos line to be more enjoyable to my palate, I do have a few of the Puro Vintage 2005 sitting in my humidor for post pasta smoke fests when my father comes to visit.


Pairing: I find that a nice Cabernet or Chianti pairs well with the La Aurora Puro Vintage 2005. A glass of DaVinci or Banfi Chianti pair nicely with the Puro Vintage 2006.


Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)

Cigars for this review were provided by La Aurora Cigars and Miami Cigar & Co. Although their generosity is greatly appreciated, it in no way effects the review of this cigar. At ToastedFoot we remain committed to impartial cigar reviews.