Press Release: Smoke Inn’s 1st Microblend, Tatuaje Anarchy, to be Re-Released!

Press Release: Smoke Inn’s 1st  Microblend, Tatuaje Anarchy, to be Re-Released!

Boynton Beach, FL – June 1, 2015. Pre-orders for Tatuaje Anarchy will begin June 29 and will ship nationwide on July 13, 2015. All pre-orders can be made on Smoke Inn’s website,

In 2010 Smoke Inn teamed up with Pete Johnson of Havana Cellars to create their first Microblend Cigar. Pete Johnson, alongside the Garcia Family, carefully selected aged tobaccos to produce Tatuaje Anarchy, one of the most sought after store exclusive cigars ever created. Tatuaje Anarchy fans spanned the globe and when the one-time run was gone, emails flooded Smoke Inn & Havana Cellars for more of the product. While demand continued to pour in, timing and available tobaccos prevented re-production of this highly sought after store exclusive.


Last year Smoke Inn approached Pete Johnson in the hopes of remaking the popular Tatuaje Anarchy again. After discussing the project with the Garcia Family, all were convinced that the cigar could be reproduced in 2015. The 2015 Anarchy will come in 15ct boxes again this time sporting a new Anarchy Band and box design so they can be differentiated from the original 2010 release. Only 666 boxes have been produced sporting the same 6.25×48-52 cinnamon bun pigtail figurado. The retail price will be $9.99 by the stick and $149.85 for a box of 15.

“Demand for Tatuaje Anarchy over the years has stayed constant and strong. I am happy to finally reproduce that cigar for all my loyal supporters and fans of the Smoke Inn Tatuaje Anarchy project,” stated Pete Johnson of Havana Cellars.


Pre-orders for the cigar will begin June 29th, noon EST, and can be made at All orders will begin shipping on July 13th when the cigar will be officially released.