IPCPR 2015 Coverage – First Night in NOLA

IPCPR 2015 Coverage – First Night in NOLA

There isn’t a ton of good things to report today, as it was more about checking in and getting registered. It was a long ride from Houston to New Orleans (like 5 cigars long), and I was too damn tired to do much other than register and check-in to the hotel.


I did discover Cigar Factory New Orleans in the French Quarter. Basically, the make their own locally rolled cigars and you can watch them being made right there. It makes for a nice little show for tourists. They don’t sell any brands other than their own, but that’s okay because their’s are pretty good. Actually, both the maduro and corojo, remind me of something that you would find in the Caldwell line. I will definitely be picking up some more before I leave to go back home.


Towards the end of the night, I did go to the Altadis party, where I had a chance to try the Monte Cristo 80th Anniversary Edition while people watching on Bourbon Street with the crew from Stogies World Class Cigars and Adam K from Kiss My Ash Radio. This is a cigar that you are going to want to experience. Just a very tasty cigar. (Don’t worry, we’ll get a review up soon.) If there’s one company that has done an amazing job turing around its image, it would be Altadis. The rebranding of their lines, that began in 2012, has produced some stellar cigars. Collaborations with Boutique Blends and Pete Johnson, seem to be a great way forward for them.


I’m looking forward to tomorrow and will keep you guys updated on what I’m seeing along the way. Don’t forget to follow on Twiter and Instagram for constant updates form the show floor.