Cigar Review: Cigar Factory New Orleans Maduro Numero Uno

Cigar Review: Cigar Factory New Orleans Maduro Numero Uno

Cigar Factory New Orleans
Country: USA (New Orleans, LA)
Wrapper: USA (Connecticut Broadleaf)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 6 7/8” x 50
Strength: full
Price: $10.00

Overall Rating: 8.6

On my recent trip to the New Orleans for the IPCPR Trade Show, I stumbled upon the Cigar Factory New Orleans during a walk up Decatur Street. Unlike most shops, they roll all their own cigars on premises and do not sell any other brands. Started in 1999, the Cigar Factory New Orleans has two main locations in the French Quarter, as well as a non-factory store on Bourbon Street. Throughout the day, cigar rollers can be seen crafting the cigar that will eventually be available for purchase in their humidor. There’s even a small museum in the back of the Decatur Street location that showcases some of the old history of cigar manufacturing in Louisiana and Texas.


Their Maduro Numero Uno features a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and a blend of Nicaraguan fillers. Before being rolled on premises, the Nicaraguan filler has been aged between two to three years. There’s a good deal of pepper and spice to this full bodied cigar. If you’re in New Orleans, you should definitely take they time to visit the Cigar Factory New Orleans. They can also be ordered directly from the Cigar Factory’s website.


Pre-Light: The dark broadleaf wrapper has several prominent veins, giving the cigar a rugged appearance. A black and silver flor de lis band makes the cigar’s New Orleans pedigree hard to miss. The cigar feels a tiny bit spongy to the touch, but most of that is due more to the high Louisiana humidity, and a little to do with it being just slightly under filled.

There is an earthy wood aroma from the wrapper of the Maduro Numero Uno. From the unlit foot on the cigar there is a blend of wood, spice and dried fruit scents. A fairly easy cold draw allows through a wonderful sweetness with grass, cedar and floral notes.


Burn: The burn on the Maduro Numero Uno is uneven, and may need a little correcting occasionally. A fairly easy draw lays through a decent amount of smoke. The ash clings quite well to the cigar.


Flavor: The Cigar Factory New Orleans Maduro begins with an extreme earthiness. Background notes of cinnamon, coffee, charred wood and black pepper mix together as the cigar first third of the cigar begins to take shape. On the retrohale there’s a pepperiness followed closely by some coffee and spice notes. As the second third of the Maduro Numero Uno starts, the strength mellows out just a bit. Some broadleaf sweetness is present, but there is a much spicer characteristic to the cigar than one would expect from broadleaf. There’s a nice spice to this part of the cigar that is similar to Cajun cooking spices. Coffee, cedar, black pepper and cinnamon remain in the background during most of the second third of the cigar. During the transition to the final third of the cigar flavors of spice, nutmeg and pepper take center stage, with the coffee and earth notes taking a bit of a backseat. The final third of the Maduro Numero Uno is dominated by cinnamon, nutmeg and subtle spice notes, while earth and wood remain in the background.


Overall: Even with the recommendation from my future father-in-law, I have to admit when I fist walked into the Cigar Factory New Orleans on Decatur Street, I was not expecting much from their cigars. What does New Orleans know cigars? It’s not like it’s Ybor City. I had some time to kill on my first night in New Orleans, and figured I’d give their cigars a try. While I enjoyed all of their cigars, being a Broadleaf fan, I found the Maduro Numero Uno very enjoyable. The really great thing about these cigars is that the pepper and spice notes that mingle with broadleaf sweetness. If you’re in New Orleans, it’s definitely worth stopping in and trying a few to take home with you. I brought several home with me, and plan on picking some up on my next trip to New Orleans (which I hope is not anytime soon). The Cigar Factory New Orleans Maduro Numero Uno is a good cigar worth seeking out. They can also be ordered online from the company’s website.


Pairing: In keeping with the Louisiana theme, I suggest trying the cigar with a Barq’s Red Creme Soda or Barq’s French Vanilla Creme Soda. An Abita Root Beer also compliments the pepper and spice of the Numero Uno nicely. For those looking for something a bit stronger a Woodford Reserve Bourbon or Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength Single Malt will go well with the cigar.


Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)