Cigar Review: Nat Sherman Panamericana TAA 2015

Cigar Review: Nat Sherman Panamericana TAA 2015

Nat Sherman Cigars
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuador (Sumatra)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Costa Rica & Nicaragua
Size: 5” x 50
Strength: medium
Price: $10.50

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Overall Rating: 8.7

Few cigar brands have the sense of class and timelessness that the Nat Sherman brand does, but for a long time cigars had become an afterthought to the company. Yet, when the company refocused it’s efforts on cigars (in what some call the Michael Herklots era), the results have been very impressive. The Nat Sherman Timeless, Timeless Nicaragua, Sterling and Joel Sherman 75th have all been wonderful releases with high ratings here on ToastedFoot, so when Nat Sherman announced the Panamericana as a TAA release I was looking forward to it. The Nat Sherman Panamericana is yet another great cigar from the company. Complex and medium bodied, the cigar is one that Nat Sherman fans will want to seek out.


Pre-Light: The Panamericana Epicure is a great looking cigar. The Sumatran wrapper has a brown leather appearance that reminds me of suitcase or messenger bag. There’s a nice oily sheen to the slightly bumpy wrapper.  The red, gold and green band has a 1940s or 50s look to it, that gives this cigar the look of something a Pan-Am pilot would have smoked. I really love the classy timelessness of the Michael Herklots era branding at Nat Sherman.


The Sumatran wrapper of the Panamericana has a strong leather aroma that matches the leathery appearance of the cigar. The unlit foot has a pleasing mix dried fruit and spice notes to it. The cold draw is very loose, and allows through flavors of dried fruit, sweet wood and mild spice.


Burn: The draw on the Nat Sherman Panamericana is extremely easy, and it allows through copious amounts of smoke. There is a slight curvature to the burn of the Panamericana, and could easily start canoeing if not watched, but it never needed correction from a lighter.


Flavor: The Panamericana begins with a mixture of sweet wood, earth and background pepper. Leather, wood, and pepper round out the profile of a sweet first third to the cigar. On the retrohale, black pepper dominates with just a subtle hint of leather. Towards the end of the first third of the Panamericana comes an earthy sweetness that joins the existing flavors. The second third of the cigar see the strength mellow slightly, and the dried fruit flavor of the cold draw begins to become apparent. A coffee notes begins to come through at the halfway point of the cigar. Sweet wood, leather, earth and black pepper round out the flavors of the second third of the Panamericana Epicure. During the transition to the final third of the cigar the coffee flavor comes to the forefront. Coffee, cedar and black pepper dominate the final third of the Nat Sherman Panamericana.


Overall: Like all the new Nat Sherman releases, the Panamericana has a classic quality to it. Well constructed, medium bodied and complex, the Panamericana 2015 TAA is just what one would expect in a limited release from Nat Sherman Cigars. There’s a good deal of wood, earth, leather and pepper flavors to the Panamericana that will please both Nat Sherman and woodsy medium bodied cigars. Personally, I found the Nat Sherman Panamericana to be a very good cigar, and worth picking up a five pack from your local Tobacconists Association of America retailer. While there are other Nat Sherman cigars I enjoy more (like the Timeless 660 or Joel Sherman 75th Anniversary), I still found it an enjoyable smoke.


Pairing: A glass of Pinot Noir will pair nicely with the Nat Sherman Panamericana. For those looking for something a bit stronger, a Camus cognac will compliment the profile of the cigar nicely. The scotch drinker will find the Glenmorangie Lasanta, Glenmorangie Nector D’Or, Genfarclas 105 Cask Strength or Balvenie 17 DoubleWood will all go well with the Panamericana.


Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)