Cigar Review: Cabal Linda Petit Lancero

Cigar Review: Cabal Linda Petit Lancero

Cabal Cigars
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Brazil (Cubra)
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua & Peru
Size: 6” x 40
Strength: medium
Price: $14.00

Overall Rating: 9.3

The Cabal Linda Petit Lancero is the newest limited edition release from Chris Arolfo’s Cabal Cigars, and pays tribute to his mother who died in 2013 after battling frontotemporal dementia. While there are many cigars out there that pay tribute to someone special, the Cabal Linda does it with more love and respect than any I’ve yet to see. The care taken in all aspects of this cigar is incredibly impressive. Its medium body and full flavor make for an extremely wonderful smoking experience. This is an impressive cigar from a great little boutique brand.


Pre-Light: As befits a cigar bearing a special name, the Cabal Linda Petit Lancero is a great looking cigar. The white band bears the signature of Chris Arolfo’s mother in black. With a pigtail cap and covered foot, obvious care has been taken in the construction of the Linda Petit Lancero, and there is a definite elegance to the cigar. The light medium brown wrapper has no real significant veins, and helps the band to stand out.


There is a sweet woodsy aroma to the Brazilian Cubra wrapper. Since the foot is covered, the same woodsy aroma as on the wrapper is present. The cold draw is smooth and easy, and it allows through notes of cedar, pine and a mild sweetness.


Burn: The Cabal Linda Petit Lancero has a perfect draw that allows through a fair amount of smoke. Even burning throughout, the cigar holds its ash quite well. A floral cedar aroma comes from the burning lancero.


Flavor: The first few puffs of the Cabal Linda Petit Lancero offer up a little bit of a peppery kick that proclaims this is going to be a slightly different Cabal. Throughout the first third of the cigar there are wonderful flavors of wood, sweet red apples and mild pepper. On the retrohale, there’s a great mix of cedar, pepper and spice. During the transition to the second third of the Linda Petit Lancero there is a bit of herbal spice that blends well with the existing flavors. The second third of the cigar sees a bit of leather and pine nut flavors join cedar, wood, apples, herbal spice and black pepper. As the cigar transitions to the final third there is a flavor of something that is reminiscent of a donut or Munchkin from Dunkin’ Donuts. In the final third of the Cabal Linda there is a great complexity to the mix of cedar, leather, pepper, herbal and pine notes.


Overall: I like Chris Arolfo, and I’ve liked his cigars, but none of them truly blew me away. That is, until the Linda Petit Lancero. Everything about this cigar is great. I love that it’s named for his mother (which also happens to be my mom’s name). I love the band and packaging (especially the bottom of the box). The construction is great, and the narrow ring gauge lets the flavor really shine. A mix of cedar, apples, leather, spice and pepper flavors give this medium bodied cigar a good deal of complexity. This is one of those cigars that should hold up well with age. Personally, I’m a big fan of this cigar. I’ve got a box aging in my locker at Stogies right now, and I’ll most likely be adding more while I can still find them. If you’ve never tried the Cabal brand, the Linda is the one I’d recommend starting with.


Pairing: The Cabal Linda is one of those cigars that pairs with a wide variety of beverages. Everything from a red wine to a good IPA seems to go well with this cigar. Personally, I find a dram of Penderyn Welsh Single Malt to go best with the Cabal Linda Petit Lancero.


On a side note: There are plenty of cigars out there that pay tribute to someone import in the brand owner’s life, but none of them seem quite at special at the Cabal Linda. The fact that is pays tribute to Chris Arolfo’s mother, who was born January 14, 1956 and died January 14, 2013, after struggling with the brain disorder known called frontotemporal dementia, kind of tugs at the heart stings. Everything about this cigar honors Chris’ mother, from the 14 count box to the $14 price tag, but perhaps the most fitting tribute is that a portion of the money from each box sold goes to support frontotemporal dementia research.


Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210