Cigar Review: Crowned Heads Four Kicks H-Town Lancero (Stogies Exclusive)

Cigar Review: Crowned Heads Four Kicks H-Town Lancero (Stogies Exclusive)

Crowned Heads Cigars / Stogies World Class Cigars
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuador (Habano)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 7” x 38
Strength: medium
Price: $8.95

Overall Rating: 9.1

Crowned Heads Cigars has been producing some great cigars of late, both at Carrillo’s Tabacalera La Alianza factory (ie. Headley Grange Laguito No 6) and Pepin’s My Father Cigars factory (ie. Crowned Heads Yellow Rose). They were awarded the Cigar Media Association’s Brand of the Year award, and are one of the boutique brands that has managed to find plenty of room in the humidors of avid cigar enthusiasts. So, it was quite exciting to find our they would be making a version of their Four Kicks blend as part of Stogies’ H-Town Lancero Series. Every lancero in the series has been impressive, and the Four Kicks H-Town Lancero, manufactured at Carrillo’s La Alianza factory in the Dominican Republic, is another wonderful cigar to ad to the line. This newest addition to the H-Town Lancero Series comes just in time for the Big Dam Cigar Jamboree & Wingding, and is worth picking up a box of at the event. It is an impressive blend that you can only get from Stogies World Class Cigars.


Pre-Light: The Four Kicks H-Town Lancero has a bit of a rugged Texas look. The red and gold Four Kicks band is a smaller version of the regular band. It’s the secondary band that is among the best of any cigar in the H-Town series; it fits the theme of the cigar, looks very Texas and manages to look different than the other bands in the H-Town Lancero Series. (The Quesada  Selección España H-Town and La Palina H-Town have a secondary band that is a little too similar for my tastes.) There is a bumpiness to the cigar’s milk chocolate colored wrapper. Noticeable construction seams and the occasional vein are apparent on the Four Kicks H-Town.


There is a coffee and natural tobacco aroma to the wrapper of the Four Kicks H-Town, with just the slightest hints of chocolate and oak. From the unlit foot of the cigar there is a mix of cinnamon, coffee, nutmeg and chocolate scents. An easy cold draw allows through coffee, natural tobacco, and nutmeg notes.


Burn: The draw on the Four Kicks H-Town is perfect and allows through plenty of smoke. A whitish grey ash clings firmly to the end of the cigar. I’ve never seen a lancero hold its ash as long or as firmly as the Four Kicks lancero. The burn line is wavy, but very even throughout.


Flavor: The Four Kicks H-Town Lancero by Crowned Heads begins with some mellow leather, oak and coffee flavors, with an even subtler background note of spice. On the retrohale there is pretty prominent spice that is quite nice, with some very mild white pepper just behind the spice. An inch and half into the cigar, sweet cedar and pepper begin to blend in with the existing leather, oak, coffee and spice notes. In the second third of the cigar there is a wonderful mingling of leather, spice, cedar, herbs and white pepper. At the halfway point in the Four Kicks H-Town there is a nice floral note (almost rose like), that occurs from time to time before vanishing into spice. During the transition to the last third of the cigar, cedar and spice are the most prominent flavors with background notes of leather and pepper. Pepper begins to build in the final third of the cigar, but it never overpowers the other flavors present in the cigar. Cedar, spice, pepper, leather and coffee round out the flavor of the last third of the Crowned Heads H-Town.


Overall: Stogies World Class Cigars in Houston, Texas has been catering to lancero lovers with their H-Town Lancero Series. With the success the Crowned Heads has been having, it was quite exciting to see them producing a Four Kicks H-Town Lancero. The Four Kicks blend seems to lend itself perfectly to the lancero vitola. A mix of wood, spice, pepper and coffee flavors makes for an enjoyable smoking experience. This is a cigar that should only get better with age. Personally, I greatly enjoyed the Four Kicks H-Town Lancero. It is one of my personal favorite blends in the series, along with the La Palina H-Town and Tatuaje H-Town. I will definitely be holding on to a box to age in my cigar locker. Fans of the original Four Kicks blend will be quite pleased with the lancero vitola. Medium bodied woodsy cigar smokers will find plenty to enjoy in this cigar. I highly recommend picking up a box of the limited edition Four Kicks H-Town Lancero while their available.


Pairing: Whenever I review a cigar I pair it with a bottle of sparkling water, and I strongly suggest doing so the first time you try the Four Kicks H-Town. A glass of Pinot Noir or Merlot will compliment the flavors of this cigar quite well. The scotch drinker will find a Jura 10 or Dalmore 15 will go nicely, while a good Kentucky bourbon will also pair well with the Four Kicks H-Town Lancero. If you’re looking for a really different experience, try the Four Kicks H-Town with a glass of Apple Cider.


On a side note: At the time of this review, the Four Kicks H-Town Lancero has not been released to the general public. However, it can be found as part of our Wingding 2.0 Giveaway in honor of the Stogies’ Big Damn Cigar Jamboree & Wingding on October 24, 2015. All you have to do to enter is post a picture of your Wingding tickets with the appropriate hashtag. The Wingding is one of my favorite cigar events, and I hope to see you there.


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Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)

Cigars for this review provided by our good friend and Toasted Foot supporter Jorge Ahued of Stogies World Class Cigars in Houston, Texas. While the generosity is always appreciated, it does not effect the way this cigar was reviewed. At Toasted Foot we remain committed to providing our readers with the best in impartial cigar and product reviews.