Cigar Review: Moya Ruiz Chinese Finger Trap

Cigar Review: Moya Ruiz Chinese Finger Trap

Moya Ruiz Cigars
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Undisclosed
Binder: Undisclosed
Filler: Undisclosed
Size: 6” x 50
Strength: full
Price: $10.00

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Overall Rating: 9.0

The Chinese Finger Trap is the latest limited edition cigar from the guys at Moya Ruiz, and is a follow up to their earlier La Jugada Nunchuck limited edition cigar. Keeping with the gaming theme that is the backbone of Moya Ruiz’s marketing, the Chinese Finger Trap is a perfect fit for the brand. While the packaging and branding may make the Finger Trap look like a gimmick, there’s so much more to this cigar than just it’s looks. The Chinese Finger Trap is a complex cigar with a good deal going for it. This is one of those limited edition cigars that people will be talking about and seeking out for years to come.


Pre-Light: Few cigars are have so distinctive a look as the Moya Ruiz Chinese Finger Trap. The outer band looks like the Chinese finger trap novelties that you see in every other Chinatown shop walking in San Francisco’s Grant Street. Although it’s very realistic looking, it’s just a band, and not a working finger trap. (I’m sure the FDA would have a field day if it was.) Underneath the finger trap band is a red and yellow band that carries on the Chinatown theme. An oily fortune cookie colored wrapper only adds to the appeal of this cigar.


There is a mild wood scent to the wrapper of the Chinese Finger Trap. From the unlit foot there is a bit of sweet wood and nut aroma. An easy cold draw allows through notes of caramel, wood and sweet grass.


Burn: The Chinese Finger Trap has a very easy draw, and allows through a tons of smoke. There is a massive amount of smoke production from the Moya Ruiz Chinese Finger Trap all the way through. A somewhat jagged burn never gets out of hand, or needs correcting from a lighter.


Flavor: The Chinese Finger Trap begins with notes of wood, caramel and black pepper. Natural tobacco and wood dominate the first third of the cigar, while caramel and black pepper remain in the background. There’s a very subtle vanilla note that calls to mind sugar cookies. On the retrohale there is a mix of mild pepper and floral notes. As the transition to the second third of the cigar begins there is a brief note of something like soy sauce, which I find quite interesting considering the theme of the cigar. During the second third of the cigar the vanilla and caramel notes come to the forefront, while a blend of wood, natural tobacco and mild pepper remain in the background. A mild plumb note occurs during the halfway point. By the final third of the Chinese Finger Trap black pepper dominated the retrohale. Black pepper dominates the last third of the cigar, while allowing hints of wood and caramel through.


Overall: Great thing have been coming out of Erik Espinosa’s La Zona Factory, and Moya Ruiz has done a great job of releasing impressive blends like The Rake and La Jugada Prieto. The Chinese Finger Trap is another example of what is coming from the partnership between the two. It’s a very good cigar. The flavor profile of the Chinese Finger Trap is not average by any standard. There’s a plethora of interesting flavors that make the Finger Trap a cigar worth seeking out. With only 1,000 boxes of 10 cigars being produced, this limited edition cigar is sure to become one of the more sought after cigars by collectors this year. Personally, I liked the Chinese Finger trap. I’ve got a box of them and will definitely be revisiting it from time to time.


On a side note: 1) The controversy that surrounded the packaging and marketing of this cigar was a bit ridiculous. Originally, the box looked like a Milton Bradly board game box, but some packaging tweets were done to through off the naysayers before the cigars ultimate release. I don’t think anyone of sound mind would think that the cigar was being marketed towards kids, but we live in hyper-sensitive crazy times where our rights to enjoy a cigar are being eroded, so some concessions are occasionally made to keep the FDA from getting more involved than it already is. Personally, I like the nostalgia of the Moya Ruiz Finger Trap packaging. 2) The Moya Ruiz guys have been very tight lipped about the blend. It’s their cigar, so they can do whatever they want, but it irks me when companies are so super secretive about the types of tobacco used or the country where the tobacco came from. It’s a cigar. We’e not talking about the formula for Super Solider Serum or something. That’s my little rant for the day. All that being said, this is an excellent cigar worth seeking out.


Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)