Cigar Review: Nomad H-Town Lancero (Stogies Exclusive)

Cigar Review: Nomad H-Town Lancero (Stogies Exclusive)

Nomad Cigars / Stogies World Class Cigars
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: (Mexico) San Andres
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic & Nicaragua
Size: 7” x 40
Strength: medium-full to full
Price: $8.50

Overall Rating: 8.7

No one has supported the lancero vitola more than Jorge Ahued of Stogies World Class Cigars in Houston, Texas. Stogies is perhaps the only shop in the country that sells lanceros the way most sell toros, so it only made sense for Stogies to release a store exclusive H-Town Lancero Series. The latest addition to the Stogies H-Town Lancero Series is a San Andres offering from  Fred Rewey’s Nomad Cigars. The cigar proves to be a good full bodied offering worth picking up one of the 10-count boxes to set down in the humidor to age.


Pre-Light: The very dark oily Mexican San Andres wrapper makes the white and gold Nomad bands really stand out. The Nomad H-Town is a rugged looking cigar, with a dark bumpy wrapper and pigtail cap. The dark blackish H-Town foot band matches the rugged look of the cigar perfectly.


There’s a mixture of earth, hay and mild barnyard scents to the San Andres wrapper. From the unlit foot of the cigar comes aromas of earth, grass, cocoa and mild ammonia. An easy cold draw allows through a lot of grass joined by notes of ammonia and hay.


Burn: The draw on the Nomad H-Town is near perfect, allowing through a huge amount of smoke for a lancero. There is a wonderful floral aroma that comes from the smoke of the Nomad H-Town Lancero. The burn on the Nomad H-Town is even, and a firm ash clings nicely to the end of the cigar.


Flavor: Upon lighting up the Nomad H-Town Lancero there is a quick burst of grassiness. An earthiness soon begins to form the backbone of the flavor profile. On the retrohale, notes of earth and pepper. Soon the grassy note turns into something more resembling a fruity note. There is an interesting mix of cayenne and black pepper during the first third of the cigar. At the transition to the second third of the cigar there is a mix of earth, mild cedar, pepper and a mild glassy/floral flavor. During the second third the pepper blends with earth, cocoa, cedar and meaty notes. What can only be described as peat begins to occur during the second third, and adds an interesting dynamic to the cigar’s flavor profile. During the transition to the last third of the cigar there are occasional hints of coffee bean and a slight floral note. The final third of the Nomad H-Town Lancero is made up of cedar, pepper, peat and earth notes.


Overall: The Nomad H-Town Lancero has an interesting flavor profile, and most fascinating part is the occurrence of a peaty note during the second and final third of the cigar. This cigar adds full bodied choice to the H-Town Series, and makes While the Nomad H-Town Lancero is good to smoke now, but could certainly benefit from a bit of time in the humidor. I’ve got a feeling in six months to a year, the Nomad H-Town is going to be an outstanding cigar. Personally, while not my favorite H-Town, the Nomad H-Town Lancero is one that I’m going to set down at revisit once a month over the next year to see how it progresses.  Fans of the H-Town Series are sure to find the H-Town worth a 5-pack, but at $8.50 a 10-count box to age is not a huge investment. It is great to see more companies making lanceros, and Stogies’ Jorge Ahued has done a phenomenal job in getting quality brands like Nomad to support the vitola through his H-Town Lancero Series. (Don’t forget to use the promo code TF10 for a discount when ordering online from Stogies World Class Cigars.)


Pairing: Peaty single malts are a great pairing option with the Nomad H-Town Lancero. The Ardbeg Uigeadail, Bruicladdich Islay Barley, Bunnahabhain Geobanach, Coal Ila 12 or Laphroaig Quarter Cask are excellent choices.


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Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)

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