Press Release: The MBombay KeSara Blend now has “Vintage Reserve” label!

Press Release: The MBombay KeSara Blend now has “Vintage Reserve” label!

Palm Desert, Ca: W ith the Success of the MBombay KeSara blend, Bombay Tobak has decided to take it a step further in providing an even more enriching experience for the cigar smoker… Welcome the KeSara Vintage Reserve “Nikka”! Aside from having the same Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper aged in hybrid Sandalwood/Spanish cedar coffins for up to 9 months, the “Nikka” incorporates a special blend of tobaccos aged 3 years longer than in the original KeSara line.

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“Refining the ‘MBombay Experience’ of fine long­aged tobacco blends is what we have done in our Vintage Reserve line of cigars. We want consumers to truly understand our Passion for tobacco.” ~ Mel Shah

Offered in one particular vitola of 6.5” x 46, the “Nikka” is created in a way to provide the discriminating palate with a balance of richness and intensity of flavor, in a perspective unique only to MBombay cigars. Incorporating an Ecuadorian binder, with Dominican & Peruvian filler tobaccos, the “Nikka” can be found at MBombay Retailers throughout the United States with a MSRP of $12.

MBombay has experienced continued Success since this year’s IPCPR Show in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Brand supports its Retailers 100%.. refusing to sell Online, and includes Online

The MBombay KeSara Blend now has “Vintage Reserve” label!

Marketing for their Accounts. With over 108 locations and growing within the U.S., this Brand is sure to be around in the Future! Seek the “MBombay Experience” at