Toasted Foot’s Top Ten Cigars of 2015 – Honorable Mentions

Toasted Foot’s Top Ten Cigars of 2015 – Honorable Mentions

So many great cigars were released this year, and unfortunately not all of them can make our Top Ten List, but are nonetheless stand out enough to be acknowledged and shared with our readers. Our annual Honorable Mentions list serves as a place to tip our hat to the cigars that were in the running for the Top Ten, but did not quite make the cut for one reason or another.


Note: Unlike our Top Ten list, the cigars on this list are not ranked in any particular order. There’s never a set number of cigars on the Honorable Mention list, but it’s typically anywhere from 10-15 cigars that really stood out during the previous year. Like our Top Ten list, the choices hear are entirely subjective.

Camacho American Barrel Aged Gordo
Of any cigar I smoked this year, the Camacho American Barrel Aged is the one that surprised me most. The cigar is a mixture of broadleaf and corojo tobacco, but after being aged for six years the corojo filler is aged a further five years in charred Kentucky bourbon barrels. Interestingly, this cigar is better in a larger ring gauge because it has more of the specially aged Corojo filler. Click here to buy it now.



Rocky Patel Sun Grown Maduro Toro
Perhaps one of the best cigars released by Rocky Patel Premium Cigars in recent years, the Sun Grown Maduro is a wonderfully flavor cigar. The Sun Grown Maduro features all the cocoa one could want from a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, while the Nicaraguan filler provides the characteristic pepper and spice one would expect. If the Sun Grown Maduro is any indication of where our friends at Rocky Patel our headed, then I can’t wait for their 2016 releases.



A.J. Fernandez Enclave Figurado
The recent revamping of the A.J. Fernandez line has been a major success, producing high quality cigars at very reasonable prices. The best of all the new A.J. releases is the Enclave Figurado, coming in at an affordable $6.90 price point. Medium-full to full, the A.J Fernandez Enclave is a great everyday cigar.



Illusione Pactum (Smoke Inn Microblend Series)
The Illusione Pactum is one of the greatest cigar to come from the Smoke Inn Microblend Series. Complex with a strength that creeps up on you, the Pactum is a great example of what happens when two perfectionists like Dion Giolito and Abe Dababneh team up. With only 400 boxes produced the Illusione Pactum is among the rarest of all Smoke Inn Mircroblends, but will be available in the Microblend Collection to be released by Smoke Inn Cigars in 2016. (News we first broke here.) I can’t get enough of this cigar. Click here to buy it now.



Undercrown Shade by Drew Estate
2015 was the year of the Connecticut shade wrapper at the IPCPR Trade Show, but of all the Connecticut cigars released this year the Undercrown Shade by Drew Estate stood out above all the others. Not quite mild, the Undercrown Shade falls into that sweet spot where it is likely to be appreciated by a very wide group of cigar enthusiasts. I could not get over how much flavor this Connecticut cigar offered up. Click here to buy it now.



Euforia (Dominican) Toro by GMD Cigars
If there’s one company that’s on nobody’s radar that certainly should be it would be GMD Cigars. Their Euforia brand features both a Dominican and Nicaraguan version, but this year I only got around to reviewing the Dominican produced at Hendrik Kelner Jr’s Kelner Boutique Factory. This medium bodied cigar is very complex and with a lot of flavor. Don’t let the price keep you from trying this cigar, as it offers up a quality and complexity of cigars priced well above it.



Henry Clay Tattoo
The long awaited collaboration between Tatuaje’s Pete Johnson and Altadis produced the Henry Clay Tatoo, one of the most sought after cigars of 2015. Making great use of a 2010 vintage Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, the Henry Clay has a very unique flavor profile. What I find most interesting about the Henry Clay Tattoo is that it is different from Johnson’s Tatuaje releases while still being obviously a Pete Johnson cigar, and it is definitely not a typical Altadis cigar while still having some characteristics one would expect from the cigar giant. The Henry Clay is a full bodied cigar that is worth seeking out. Click here to buy it now.



Crowned Heads Yellow Rose
The Cigar Media Association’s Brand of the Year 2014, Crowned Heads has become a favorite of avid cigar enthusiasts. A follow up to the Tennessee Waltz (Tennessee) and Paniolo Especiale (Hawaii), the Crowned Heads Yellow Rose is exclusive to the Lone Star State, and comes in a box pressed torpedo. Manufactured at the Garcia family’s My Father factory, the Yellow Rose is full bodied and flavorful. This is certainly my favorite Crowned Heads cigar, and I’ve gone through more than one box since their release.



Warped El Oso “Papa” 
Finding more nice things to say about the company that had two spots on our Top Ten Cigars of 2015 list is getting a bit tiring, but the Warped El Oso “Papa” earned its inclusion on this list. Jupiter, Florida based Warped Cigars seems unable to produce a bad cigar this year. Made at Miami’s El Titan de Bronze Factory, the Warped El Oso features amazing construction and a lot of flavor. I be remiss if I did not mention that although the El Oso “Papa”, which is a 6” x 48 torpedo, the other two sizes of this cigar fall a bit short of the “Papa” in the complexity arena.Click here to buy it now.





Avo Syncro Nicaragua
The Avo Synco Nicaragua is a cigar that be both classic Avo and something new all at the same time. Despite the cigar having the word Nicaragua in the name, it is not a Nicaraguan puro, but is instead a “synchronization” between Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos, with some Peruvian filler and Ecuadorian wrapper for good measure. The Avo Syncro Nicaragua is a change of pace for the Avo brand, with slightly stepped up medium to medium-full strength. Click here to buy it now.




La Palina H-Town Lancero (Stogies Exclusive)
For the second year in a row a Stogies H-Town Lancero makes our Honorable Mention list. (The Alec Bradley Nica Puro H-Town made our 2014 Honorable Mention List.) The La Palina H-Town may be the best release in the H-Town Series to date. Manufactured by PDR, the La Palina H-Town is the first original blend produced for the H-Town Lancero Series. Lancero lovers will find this H-Town well worth adding to their collection.



Moya Ruiz Chinese Finger Trap
One of the more controversial cigars this year, due to its packaging, the Moya Ruiz Chinese Finger trap is a cigar that finds a perfect balance between marketing gimmick and complex cigar. Manufactured at Erik Espinosa’s La Zona Factory in Nicaragua, the Chinese Finger trap features a plethora of interesting flavors. The Chinese Finger Trap in a great example of the kind of high quality cigars coming out of the partnership between Moya Ruiz Cigars and La Zona. Click here to buy it now.



There were plenty of great cigars I smoked this year that didn’t make the list, but these were the ones most worth another look. Since there are so many excellent cigars on the market no one (or two) lists can include them all, so I encourage you too seek out the good cigars beyond what made the Top Ten Cigars of 2015 or Honorable Mentions list. Looking through our older reviews is always a great place to start, as many of those cigar a still available at brick and mortar retailers around the country or on The Cigar Media Association member sites (of which is one) are a great source of further information on the cigar industry. William Cooper’s has the best cigar news on the web, and his annual Top 30 Count Down is always worth checking out. and the Cigar Dojo Mobile App is a great place to connect with cigar enthusiasts around the world (and waste hours playing Cigar Wars). For the best cigar themed radio show and podcast check out our buddies at Kiss My Ash Radio. As always, we welcome your thoughts and comments,

All the best,
Jonathan David, editor