What’s In Your Humidor?: Mel Shah of MBombay

What’s In Your Humidor?: Mel Shah of MBombay

In the two short years they’ve been around MBombay cigars have managed to gain a loyal following and positive reviews from avid cigar enthusiasts. In an almost unheard of fate for a new boutique brand, the MBombay KeSara Pyramid was the #4 cigar of our Top TenCigar of 2014 list, followed by the MBombay Mora Toro taking the #3 spot in our Top Ten Cigars of 2015 list. Mel Shah, the man behind MBombay, provided us with a quick “What’s in Your Humidor?” interview.


What’s currently in your humidor?
Other than MBombay, I’ve got Ashtons, Tatuajes, Illusuiones, Caldwells, Fuentes, Padróns and some Davidoffs.

What kind of humidor (and size) do you use for personal storage?
I have two 200 count chests for my personal use.

About how many cigars are in your humidor?
Probably, about 300 or so.

You blend all your own cigars, which is actually more unusual than people think. When you’re working on a new blend, what factors do you most take into consideration?
Quality of the tobacco, complexity and intensity of flavor, and efficiency of combustion all come to mind when creating an MBombay blend.


Bombay Tobak is the company while MBombay is the brand, does this mean we can expect future brands from Bombay Tobak?
Maybe, in the far future, we will release a new brand, but until then we are focusing all our commitment on the MBombay brand.

My fiancé says the MBombay has the most beautiful band she’s seen. I have to admit, the MBombay bands are really amazing. They really jump off the shelf and scream, “I’m different from everything else in here, smoke me.” What made you come up with the design for the band?
Me and my wife wanted MBombay to be appealing to both men and women cigar smokers. She designed the MBombay band to reflect the heart of the MBombay smoking experience… sophistication, complexity and harmony of flavors.


How many cigars do you smoke in a typical day, when you’re note blend testing?
I average about four cigars a day.

The Kesara (No. 4 of 2014) and Mora (No. 3 of 2015) have both gotten extremely high marks here on ToastedFoot.com. Obviously, we’re big fans and can’t wait to see what’s next for MBombay? Anything in the works you can tell us about?
There is always something new in the works… it helps stimulate creativity… that’s all that can be said at the current time. 


What are some of your all-time favorite cigars?
Some of my all-time favorite cigars are the Ashton VSG, Davidoff Colorado Claro Special T, most Tatuaje cigars, the new Caldwell Blind Man’s Puff and Padrón Anniversary Editions.

Is there anything else about MBombay or you that you think our readers would be interested in?
MBombay is a brand that strives to provide a unique taste profile and smoking experience. If there’s no complexity or “pop” to the experience, we become just another cigar in a “sea of brown”. Passion for fine tobacco is what drives the creation of our blends.